rickf 21:30 08 Jun 2009

Anyone living in Oxford or surrounds not too distant from the city and are you happy there? Thinking of moving there next year. Opinions gratefully appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:11 08 Jun 2009

'The Lubavitch challenged Oxford University to a rowing contest but discovered that Oxford were twice as fast as they were. So the Lubavitch cox sent a spy across to Oxford to find out why and how. A few hours later the spy returns. “Nuh,” says the Lubavitch cox, “tell all.”
“Well.” says the spy, “they do everything the other way round to us.”“Explain,” says the cox.
“It's simple,” says the spy, “they've got eight men rowing and one man shouting!'
This is the standard of the humour there....run as far away and as fast as you can. ;-)


  Forum Editor 00:16 09 Jun 2009

comes from Oxford, and we go there to meet her family fairly often. They seem perfectly happy living there, and have done so for some thirty years.

In my distant past I spent a few years there while some very clever people tried to teach me some of what they knew. I love the place,and so might you.

  peter99co 12:15 09 Jun 2009

Mostly Buses only . Some of the locals shop away from Oxford. This may have changed, but check it out.

  Quickbeam 12:18 09 Jun 2009

I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned that the countryside around Oxford is some of England's best.

  rickf 12:53 09 Jun 2009

Thanks for all the responses to date. I like the fact that it's quite cosmopolitan and an hrs drive from London as I need to be in London for 2 days per wk. I have been there now a couple of times since my son started Uni there last yr.and on the whole I think is a friendly and vibrant city with the countrysisde on it's doorsteps. The Cotwolds are extremely pretty too.

  Quickbeam 12:56 09 Jun 2009

"and an hrs drive from London"

At the wrong time of day, it will take an hour just to clear Oxford.

  rickf 13:35 09 Jun 2009

I would just be off the Ring Road so don't have to cross Oxford City Centre. On a bd day it would take an hr and a half to North London.

  Forum Editor 15:21 09 Jun 2009

The family I mentioned earlier live in Boar's Hill outside the city, and the views from their house are spectacular. It certainly is some of the best countryside in England.

  Forum Editor 15:23 09 Jun 2009

about an hour and a half from my house in North London to Boar's hill, regardless of e time of day. It's a little quicker at weekends.

  rickf 15:36 09 Jun 2009

On average Hr and half is right. Anyway I'm getting excited about the move out of London and be a bit nearer to nature.

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