user8 17:14 30 Jun 2009

Want to check your height & weight to find out your BMI
And to see if your the right weight per height?
Try click here

  OTT_Buzzard 17:20 30 Jun 2009

Your BMI result is
You are at the recommended weight for your height.

No suprises there then!

  user8 17:33 30 Jun 2009

I'm 27.3 so i'm overwight, but only by 2.3
A lot better than the BMI of nearly 35 last year!

  Bingalau 17:57 30 Jun 2009

I've just got a bit of fat in reserve for a rainy day...

  Noldi 18:20 30 Jun 2009

27.75 but it does not allow for my heavy bones and my wallet in my pocket.


  Grey Goo 19:34 30 Jun 2009

I would be ideal if my height were 7'6"

  AL47 19:48 30 Jun 2009

i already know mine!

25.9, want it higher ;) im skinny

  jack 20:06 30 Jun 2009

At my gym for example on the trainer is well over the mean for his size weight- but he pure muscle with not an ounce of surplus fat on him. It isa guide and no more than that the three types of phyique- Mesomorph,Ecktomorph Endomorph have each different characteristics

  Grey Goo 20:34 30 Jun 2009

Is he like any of these.
click here

  Armchair 20:52 30 Jun 2009

Your BMI result is

You are at the recommended weight for your height.

Nice to know.

Unfortunately, I know that I'm about thirty pounds underwieght, having lost a lot of muscle and my meagre fat reserve due to illness. So imo that calculator is worthless.

  SB23 21:18 30 Jun 2009

Well I'm 6'2", and 16st+, probably nearer 17st. The weight gain is more than likely due to my giving up smoking 15 months ago, but it says that I need to be 13st 12lb to be normal.
All I can say is that it'll never happen.

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