Overclockers UK puts £10K bounty on the heads of

  Colin 08:29 23 Jan 2009

click here

I noticed this week that I couldn't get on their site until yesterday. Why do people do such things?

  Quickbeam 08:46 23 Jan 2009

Is the reward 'dead or alive' in true western style?

  carver 09:09 23 Jan 2009

Why do people do such things?

Because they are complete prats and some of them think it's fun.

I tried to go on their site last weekend and spent ages without any success, eventually I ordered a graphic card from another site.

This must be costing them a fortune in lost sales.

I only found out after receiving an e-mail from them apologising about the attack and they provided a list of phone numbers, but by that time I'd already ordered from another firm.

I think they will be satisfied with just the head of the person concerned.

  Quickbeam 09:45 23 Jan 2009

'Bring me the head of...' :)

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