Over 2m posts on PC Advisor forums

  simonjary 06:59 23 Apr 2009

Thanks to everyone for helping us pass this milestone!

(Actually, we started counting quite some time after the forums started, so the number should be bigger, but that's the number we count so that's what we should celebrate.)

Cheers! Here's to 3m...

Publisher, PC Advisor

  simonjary 07:01 23 Apr 2009

BTW, because it uses up so much server/database processing power we only add up once a day, so that's why the number stays the same even after you've just posted.


  WhiteTruckMan 08:03 23 Apr 2009

all the spam thats been appearing lately?


  laurie53 08:06 23 Apr 2009

Gosh we're a verbiose lot!

  Picklefactory 11:02 23 Apr 2009

Helproom or Speakers Corner, maybe?

  laurie53 13:59 23 Apr 2009

I would think Helproom.

Posts rarely stay on the first page for longer than a day.

  Si_L 19:08 23 Apr 2009

Definitely the Helproom.

The quietest is Business.

  Forum Editor 19:15 23 Apr 2009

The spam is an indicator or our success - we attract spammers because we come so high on lots of Google keyword searches. As the global recession bites deeper I expect to see an increase in spam originating from the Chinese mainland. Most of it comes from there now anyway.

It's a fact of life, so we must live with it and delete it as it appears.

  Stuartli 19:37 23 Apr 2009

I think most of those postings are mine, with Bingalau second...:-)

Not much else to do up here in the frozen north and being so far away from civilisation...

  laurie53 08:11 24 Apr 2009

Most of us don't get to see much spam of course, because it's reported to you and deleted in short order.

Just as a matter of interest, how many do yo get each day/week or whatever across the more popular forums?

  Rigga 09:25 24 Apr 2009

Would be good to have a "report as spam" button. if > 10 members click it it's removed until you can review the removed one's?

I think that would work quite well.


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