out to prove

  wis 23:23 05 Jun 2008

try to help frends on this site helproom xp
mainly,when the job is sorted plus green tick
why do 1 or 2 we known the ones, post after
repeat fix maybe slightly diff wording but same
are thay on mission or trying for badge mvp ect
seen it alot last 2 months

  belfman 23:29 05 Jun 2008

mvp - no there's no post counts on the forum... I think that practice is pretty lame any way.

Repeat posts could be crossed, that is as I write this you have no replies but there may be one or two once I hit submit. Those that submit answers after the green tick has been applied will help anyone else perhaps searching the archive.

  MCE2K5 23:29 05 Jun 2008

Happened to me Last night, Just after a Badge, I think.

Just Laugh it off, I do.

  Forum Editor 23:35 05 Jun 2008

is that different people are looking at the same thread at the same time. One types a response and posts it to the thread. Another person is typing his/her response when the phone rings, or the supper is ready, or there's a ring at the door. Minutes, or maybe an hour later the second person returns to the screen, which still looks as it did, finishes the response, and posts it - only to see that someone else had previously posted the same answer.

It happens quite often, and to me - I have three screens open on the forum at any one time, and I'm often responding to two or more threads more or less at the same time. Sometimes I have a thread open for ten minutes or so before finally posting to it - to see someone else has said the same as me.

I'm sure that's the explanation - I don't think anyone here is 'on a mission' as you put it.

  Forum Editor 23:36 05 Jun 2008

It just happened with me and belfman.

  Pine Man 14:33 06 Jun 2008

I know which thread you are referring to as I took part in it.

My opinion, for what it is worth, is that you have over-reacted to what happened.

Your advice, once again in my opinion, was difficult to understand and all that happened was that another contributor provided an easier to understand solution, which he explained to you when you raised the issue.

  belfman 15:03 06 Jun 2008

Can you link to it please.

  pavvi 17:06 06 Jun 2008

Also when there is a topic with more than one page loads of us (including myself)don't spot that there is more than 1 page....

  Pine Man 17:39 06 Jun 2008
  Forum Editor 17:55 06 Jun 2008

Yes, that's another common problem worth mentioning.

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