out of order

  withering 12:57 18 Jan 2007

When I first joined this forum 5 years ago it wasn’t anywhere near as busy as it is now and at times it got nasty. I remember the lounge, I spent a lot of time there as it was great fun and I have fond memories. I left the country a few years ago and lost track of my login details so I have just been lurking in the background as a guest.

I have followed the activities of one or two members here as they are names I remember from years back. I have just read the thread by Spikey Chris and I am disgusted at some of the remarks. Spikey Chris was one of the original pca members, he has helped me out on so many occasions with computer problems in the helproom and I have found lots of his threads in speakers corner either very funny or thought provoking.

I don’t even recognise some of the usernames of the people who responded with viscous childish comments, it has wound me up that much I have even registered to air my grievances.

  recap 13:37 18 Jan 2007

Welcome back withering.

I'm sure spikeychris can take it all on the chin. Like you say he has been around from the beginning of PCA, so I would imagine that he knows how childish other members can be at times.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:26 18 Jan 2007

*taking the forum too seriously* alert!!!!!!!!!!


  spuds 14:33 18 Jan 2007

I am perhaps speaking out of turn here, but I would imagine that spikeychris regards it as 'water running off a ducks back' and a challenge for another day.

  €dstowe 14:38 18 Jan 2007

I like the idea of "viscous childish comments" Makes me think of snotty noses.

Anyway, regarding Spikeychris, I recall him writing once that he could start an argument in an empty room. I'm sure he's able to look after himself.

  microcoder 14:55 18 Jan 2007

*taking the forum too seriously* alert!!!!!!!!!!

GANDALF <|:-)> You really did make me ROFL this time.
Good stuff.
I'm still laughing...

  josie mayhem 16:30 18 Jan 2007

I don't mind the pointless post... To me it's bit like going on a training course, you get to head office or training centre you know no-one and thre's very little likleyhood of seeing them again. And you've got to spend a far bit of time with them for that day. So you have the pointless conversation to avoid that deadly silence and not knowing where to look while you are dealing with your nerves....

But I would be saddend if speakers corner was despatched with, I wasn't here when they had the first lounge area... And yes it was fun when on a Friday/Saturday night (when we thought F.E wasn't around) a odd post would appear or it was a game off see how far it got before FE noticed and put a stop to it all.

  Zero G 17:55 18 Jan 2007

This is the 3rd post within Speakers Corner about new users upsetting the so called old guard. Perhaps you would prefer us all to be vetted by you before we dare to start a topic.

Any forum needs new people to carry on, or would you prefer it to go back to how it was 5 years ago? Oh yes i was around here then to, my ex-partner was a forum user, new people = new views.

If you dont like it then suggest you start your own forum for grumpy old forum users!

  lisa02 18:59 18 Jan 2007

I think if it wasn't for new people the place would stagnate.

It's all part of the fun watching a spat unfold, argument or good heated debate take off. At the end of it I click the x at the top of the screen and that's it! Gandalf's right.

  Kate B 19:10 18 Jan 2007

So long as people don't start chucking personal insults around, I have no problem with robust debate. It's a shame that not everyone knows the difference between debate and insult, and that insult is not a substitute for debate. New people and old are just as welcome here - unlike many forums, we have no indication of how long someone's been here so there's no implied seniority anyway. As far as I'm concerned, if you're articulate, occasionally amusing and able to debate without being rude, then I'm delighted that you're here.

  wee eddie 19:26 18 Jan 2007

Some of us may be over 29 but we're not necessarily grumpy.

Some of us have seen a little more of the world than you and appreciate a good barney.

However few of us care to be personally abused as I'm sure that you don't either.

So keep the ideas flowing, steer clear of taboo subjects (as per Forum Rules), and avoid using personal terms of abuse and in a year or so you'll be a member of the old guard

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