Out of a childs mouth

  Terry Brown 14:45 14 Feb 2011

A young grl down our street goes to the local Sunday School, and the teacher was giving a lesson about how Gods goodness was spread to 'The 4 corners of the earth'.

When she come home , she asked her mum, was the earth square?, when mum said it was round, the girl said about the 4 corners, like her teacher had told her.

Mum explained it meant the 4 compass points or everywhere.

Have you every thought about what you read or are told being literal truth.

Food for thought


  dagbladet 15:09 14 Feb 2011


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:38 14 Feb 2011

Of course the Earths got corners...

they are just "tucked in".


  uk-wizard 17:56 14 Feb 2011

Mercator says so - so there.

  sunnystaines 18:03 14 Feb 2011

apparently our universe is flatish in shape.

  jakimo 18:10 14 Feb 2011

Its just another bit of 'Browns'propaganda

  Toneman 18:49 14 Feb 2011

Just another phrase from the King James Bible as, I believe, also "out of the mouths of babes and sucklings"...

  Dragon_Heart 22:24 14 Feb 2011

..... spread a bit thin in places and missing at the corners

  Terry Brown 20:43 15 Feb 2011

And I thought you had a sense of wonder (or are you all that old, you cannot remember being a child?)

  OTT_B 20:54 15 Feb 2011

I was at the Science Museum with my kids a short while ago. In their literature was a short write up on what can and cannot be done in space. One of the things they mention is that carbonated drinks cannot be had in orbit. A few days later I read this!

"1985: The drink became the first soft drink to be consumed in space when astronauts tested the Coca-Cola Space Can aboard Space Shuttle Challenger"

(click here)

  Blackhat 22:31 15 Feb 2011

Going back a few years I was at a car boot sale standing next to a guy with his young son, the guy had just completed a purchase and the kid asked what it was. ‘It’s a 12v transformer’ said dad; son questioned ‘so what does it turn into?’

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