our tv knocks out our sons tv when switched on

  mrwoowoo 23:50 26 Dec 2010

We have a technika televison in the bedoom, when we switch it on, it knocks my sons tv out and he can't watch anything.
We unplugged the aerial in our room (even though they are both on seperate aerials) and just switched the tv on and it still knocked his out, so it's nothing to do with the aerial
anyone have any ideas

  ashdav 01:40 27 Dec 2010

Fit surge protectors to both.
click here assuming you're in the UK.

  mrwoowoo 02:56 27 Dec 2010

You are a legend.
After trying out different things, over several months, finally something that works. We took advice from the Radio and telly forum and numerous others, but nothing worked.
Just tried a spare surge protector, and, 100% success.
Thank you very much. No more moaning from the kids when we turn our telly on.
Thanks once again.

  morddwyd 08:26 27 Dec 2010

New one on me.

Hope mrwoowoo won't mind if I ask for some simple explanation.

Knowledge is power!

  Woolwell 10:19 27 Dec 2010

I don't think that this should occur and would want to check the power circuits if this happened to me.

  spuds 13:24 27 Dec 2010

Definitely go with Woolwell on this one, get your electricity circuits checked out.

A neighbour asked me to install an alarm system early this year. Using power tools around the house, we eventually tried to use a socket in one of the bedrooms. The power tools wouldn't, but the tv, bedside lights etc did. We found that the socket had been wrongly wired up, and had been like this for a number of years.

  anchor 14:45 27 Dec 2010

There are some real cowboy electricians around.

When we moved into our present hose some years ago, we were told it had recently been rewired.

My stepson, a fully qualified professional electrician, decided to check it out. He found a basic error in that the incoming current had been wired in reverse. He quickly corrected this, but said they had left it in a dangerous state.

  anchor 14:46 27 Dec 2010

for "hose", read House.

  peter99co 14:57 27 Dec 2010

A friend of mine moved into a house and found the owners had taken every socket, bulb and lightswitch fitting with them. The whole house had been left with wires hanging out of the walls.

This was not a result of burglary or vandelism.

When they had viewed the house it was intact.

  ashdav 09:29 28 Dec 2010

As I've interpreted the situation the son's tv is having it's rf signal corrupted by interference from the switch mode power supply in the Technika tv.
Fitting a surge protector (which invariably include a suppression network) reduces mains borne interference which is conducted or (more likely) reradiated by the mains wiring.
There are suppression components fitted inside tvs to reduce this but they may have failed or the son's tv aerial has defective shielding.

  morddwyd 09:36 28 Dec 2010


Freezers used to be notorious for spiking the mains when they switched on, but I'd never heard of a tv doing it!

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