Our recent thread about language

  Forum Editor 00:23 08 Mar 2009

got me thinking, and then along came this to highlight the difficulties that might ensue (at one end of the scale) from the use of a word in the wrong context.

click here

  JYPX 00:45 08 Mar 2009

Well, it looks like no harm was caused by this gaffe but when you think about what "pushing the button" meant in terms of the USA/Russia, not that many years ago, it seems like an odd way to break the ice...

  newman35 00:52 08 Mar 2009

Personally, I think the 'red button' was perfect, to remind all super-powers that M.A.D. still exists, so 'play nicely' would be the message.

  Forum Editor 01:07 08 Mar 2009

that the White House would have access to fluent Russian speakers? It seems to me to have been a worryingly elementary error to make, right at the start of what is hoped will become a new era of friendly diplomatic relationships between the two nations.

  wiz-king 07:17 08 Mar 2009

With th Americans love of the latest technology they probably used the babel fish. click here

  laurie53 07:39 08 Mar 2009

Some lowly minion's career in the State Department is over!

  crosstrainer 07:40 08 Mar 2009

You would indeed. A new translator would be a good idea.

  Grey Goo 08:53 08 Mar 2009

Don't forget they were translating American English. What we call a reset button is probably called an overload button in America, just a thought. But there again there must be a shed load of Russian Americans in the US who could have checked it out. As an aside there are lots of people on the Forums who appear not to be able to speak any form of English at all let alone a foreign tongue.

  last starfighter 09:20 08 Mar 2009

sounds like there THAT engrossed in making peace that what with the recession that they "Dropped A Clanger" when you try so hard at something its human error to nearly always forget the basic's & here we have a perfect example..

  Forum Editor 11:02 08 Mar 2009

all think it was a dumb error, and I suppose they should probably know.

I emailed my Moscow client when I saw this yesterday, and he's responded, saying "it was a silly error that wouldn't have been made by my twelve year old daughter. She could have told Hillary Clinton what the correct word is."

It's being treated as a joke by the Russians because they can't believe anyone could have been so silly.

  newman35 11:33 08 Mar 2009

Changed days, indeed.
In the past Kruschev could have been banging the table at the UN by now, demanding imperialist heads on a plate.
Good to see Russia watch the US squirm a little.

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