Our Prisons are Full

  oresome 18:52 05 Oct 2006

Now we are at this point, what solution would you advocate?

Release some prisoners early?

Impose fewer prison sentences from now on?

Make use of police cells?

Make use of temporary accommodation assuming we have the spare trained staff to run them?

Have you a better idea?

Longer term, should we forfeit a hospital or school and build a prison instead?

  anskyber 18:55 05 Oct 2006

Build some more.

  spikeychris 19:02 05 Oct 2006

Start building super prisons then rack and stack the prisoners.

  ade.h 19:07 05 Oct 2006

"Rack and stack" sounds great.

Seriously though, the first two mooted suggestions concern me much more than the idea of putting more prisoners in a given space.

  lisa02 19:08 05 Oct 2006

Build more.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:21 05 Oct 2006

of a flogging in return for sentence. Suggest 1 stroke per weeks sentence, i.e 52 strokes = 1 years worth. Maybe to get it again if they re-offend.


  Legolas 19:23 05 Oct 2006

It seems to me that the rise in crime and subsequent overcrowding of prisons has a direct correlation with the abolition of the death penalty, corporal punishment in schools, mamby pamby liberalism that puts the criminal first and forgets about the victim and acceptance by society of antisocial behaviour. Perhaps if we sorted out some of the above then we wouldn't need more prison places.

On the telly yesterday morning was the man who through a programme of zero tolerance and putting many more Policemen on the streets has reduced the crime rate in New York in ten years by 70% making it the Safest City in America.

He realised that many of those committing trivial crimes like drinking in public were the same ones who were also committing more serious crime.

The people soon got the message that any crime would not be tolerated. It seems to me that this is needed in this country and if it meant a hike in my Income Tax then I for one would be willing to pay. The money spent on an increased police presence and a zero tolerance attitude would eventually result in fewer prison places needed hence the money would be recouped

  Forum Editor 19:39 05 Oct 2006

we might do better to consider the causes, and do something about them.

That isn't going to help much in the short term, but it's realy the only viable long-term solution. I'm not writing an 800-word epistle on social reforms - I'm sure you can all work it out for yourselves.

  anskyber 19:53 05 Oct 2006

Yes. I certainly accept your general premis. My rather abrupt earlier contribution was based on my thinking that if our "system" requires a prison term then we should ensure the prisons are available.

I wanted to avoid in my comments the endless debate about person "x" who was given a prison term but person "y" who was not. ( eg the granny locked up for the non payment of Council Tax etc etc. The child killer who is released early to go on to kill etc etc.)

There is no clear and unambiguous answer to the threads question. The social reform issues have strong points, I think the debate with the community at large will only be successful when the obvious serious criminals are dealt with.

Therein hangs a tantalising question....is a serial killer so mad that the person should be treated in a different way? I suppose it may depend on whether it was your family member who was killed.

  Jak_1 19:55 05 Oct 2006

We could transport them to Australia! Just a thought.

  jimv7 19:59 05 Oct 2006


Already been tried and did not work.lol

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