Our lives in their hands :(

  Seth Haniel 15:07 03 Nov 2010

Two seperate stories from the past 24 hours - what is the Ambulance Service coming to.

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A Middlesbrough councillor is calling for an independent inquiry into a family's claims that a man died because a 999 call handler refused to send an ambulance fast enough.
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Ambulance man chose not to attend nearby 999 call
An ambulance technician chose not to respond to a 999 call about a woman having what proved to be a fatal heart attack 800 yards from his depot in Moray because he was on a break.

  BT 16:45 03 Nov 2010

My wife fell over in the Docs waiting room this morning, and being rather on the big side and having limited movement following a Stroke a couple of years ago, couldn't get up.
The paramedics were there in a very short time with the Pneumatic cushion and had her up in no time.

  spuds 18:03 03 Nov 2010

All these type of events require independent investigation as to what happened. Internal inquiries will not always obtain the truth, which can make the victims and their families more concerned and untrustwothy on how a service is being run.

A few months ago I was in my GP's surgery, from that visit I was sent promptly by ambulance to the local hospital and then transfered to another hospital later that day. The service that I received that 24 hours was superb, by all the people involved, by for one.

On another occasion last year, I was visiting the local park, when I came across a man unconcious on the ground with an head injury. Standing nearby was a very upset female. Phoned 999 and explained the situation plus location. Call handler wasn't sure of the location, but promised to send ambulance. About 20/25 minutes later I had to phone again because no ambulance had arrived.

  spuds 18:10 03 Nov 2010

Don't know what happened there, but the above just went into cyber-space.

Back to story: The ambulance turned up as I had just finished the call, and the gentleman was duly attended to. The nearest A&E and major hospital is only 3 miles from that incident.

What as become more concerning, is that the Ambulance service as amalgamated with the next county, and all calls are no transfered through to a call centre in the next county.

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