For our ex-service people Singapore Memories

  Bing.alau 14:44 04 Mar 2013

I thought some of the ex-service people who frequent this site, may like to pass away a bit of time reminiscing on this other site... I know I enjoy every now and then.

  Woolwell 15:03 04 Mar 2013

It was HMS Simbang, RNAS Sembawang not HMS Sembawang. I believe that bullet holes in the hangars from the Japanese aircraft can still be seen.

  Nontek 17:17 04 Mar 2013


Thanks for the memories ... though my old brain is a bit rusty now. I was in the Army stationed at GHQ Tangling, but lived for a while with my wife opposite the big roundabout at Sembawang Hills Est, then at Changi village and finally at married quarters in Tanglin. 1959-1962, my two daughters were both born in Singapore.

  Bing.alau 18:40 04 Mar 2013

Nontek. I was lucky enough to spend two commissions in Singapore, working for the Admiral of the Fleet. we had access to his grounds and that included his private beach as well as his swimming pool. (All now part of a public park). HMS Terror was a school for drug addicts the last time I passed through there, I believe. My daughter was born in the BMH there in 1969 just before I returned to the UK. She was actually born on Chinese new year with all the fireworks going off. I have been reading through the guestbook pages and they bring back memories too. My eldest lad went to Bourne RN school. He was then about ten years old. My youngest lad was too young to go to school but he loved it and learned to swim before he was two years old, later becoming good enough to have trials for England swimming butterfly. My daughter can't remember anything about the place as she was only about eight months old when we returned to England. But she is wanting to go and visit. Maybe one day she will. I have called in a couple of times on my way back from visits to Australia and each time the place has changed very much.

I think any ex- service people will love browsing this site and maybe contributing to it. I sent some old photo's in a good while back and am just going to have a look to see if anybody has commented on them.

Our FE passes through the place pretty regularly I think, and probably knows more about modern day Singapore than most of us. But I for one am delighted with the progress made there. When I first called in, back in 1948 on my way to stop the Chinese invading Hong-Kong after the fracas up the Yangtse River with HMS Amethyst. Singapore was a den of iniquity in a way but much loved by all servicemen. Beer was cheap (everything was cheap) and the night life was out of this world. Now the place is ultra modern and may I add ultra expensive. But my memories are free of course.

  john bunyan 21:05 04 Mar 2013

Bingalau I have been to Singapore quite a few times, firstly at Sembawang and HMS Terror doing a JWT course and other things in around 1963 or 4 with Paddy A then others. Later in a civilian capacity I regularly went there in the '70's ,'80's and '90's.I have been most impressed by the fantastic improvements there since decolonisation, but do have a bit of nostalgia for the old days of Bougis and Sago Streets etc. I have a few photos, but cannot put my hands on them at the moment. It must be one of the safest place in the world these days.

  flycatcher1 20:12 06 Mar 2013

The link brought many happy memories of Tengah and Changi from the sixties until the end. A scorching hot day with thirst relieved by a pint of Draught Tiger at the Tangling Inn followed by a memorable curry, Happy Days.

On flying visit after the Service departure I wandered into the Changi Creek Transit Hotel. If buildings could only speak............. In the Aircrew Bar the Darts Board had a notice pinned to it inviting the last inhabitants to the "Dregs Party". The Security Chap asked if I was interested in buying the Hotel, if only.

Before our final departure the powers found it necessary for Senior Officers to be the last to leave. A friend who on his first visit in 1946 had his kit carried by Japanese PoWs remarked " It wasn't like that in '42"

  rickf 20:26 06 Mar 2013

Not an ex-serviceman but good to hear so many good memories from those who had been there. Was in Singapore 2 years ago and many places mentioned are now unrecognisable if you went there. Eg. Bougis St has now got a tube station and the whole street is one big market crammed with local shoppers and tourists. At peak times you can only shuffle along. It's that crowded. The waterfront is all modernised now and in general Singapore is great metropolis. It has become a very expensive city to live in now.

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