Other PC forums dead

  simonjary 16:58 25 Dec 2008

As PC Advisor's forum is buzzing along quite nicely (and friendly) on Christmas Day I thought I'd take a look at some other PC forums, and was shocked at their inactivity.

PC Pro's forum has had no posts today, two yesterday, and just seven all week!

(Might have something to do with the Dell pop-ups on every new page...)

  laurie53 17:09 25 Dec 2008

I think this probably has a lot to do with the attitudes on the forums here.

Because of the relaxed atmosphere even first time posters might feel they were just having a quiet relaxing festive chat with friends, rather than saddo obsessives having their Christmas internet fix!

  wellshgit 17:11 25 Dec 2008

What we all know, Our Forums are the best bar none. There must be something magical for us to visit on this special Family day. (taking a break from eating and drinking maybe!)

  spuds 18:19 25 Dec 2008

Careful chaps with the praise, there might be a 2009 suggestion of a subscription and membership charge. That would reduce the 280755 total users ;o))

  MAT ALAN 20:22 25 Dec 2008

saddo obsessives having their Christmas internet fix!

mines called eastenders (load of PAP) so i'm on here for a bit...

  Picklefactory 22:11 25 Dec 2008

I've had far too many wines today, and feeling extreeeeemly relaxed, not that these 'ere forums are ever otherwise. Shame for those others.... whoever they are, forgotten already....hic.

Hope you're all having as good a day as I am.

Happy Christmas all.

  crosstrainer 05:58 26 Dec 2008

Although you have a vested interest...Must admit, I go nowhere else these day's a tribute to you all at PCA Towers.

I do have subs to various other mags, and have tried the web sites they offer.

Nothing comes close.

  tillybaby 06:27 26 Dec 2008

Speaks volumes really doesn't it?

This is by far the best forum on the web and I've been member of quite a few,

Even the ones that are supposed to be family friendly aren't monitored too well and always end up with someone posting foul language or intimidating a regular poster- just because they can.

  crosstrainer 07:02 26 Dec 2008

This is a very early start for you...?


  Forum Editor 10:13 26 Dec 2008

although some - like me - don't intend to do too much.

  johndrew 10:50 26 Dec 2008

`.. working ..`

Should you have said `attending`? ;-)

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