The Oscars

  laurie53 06:06 25 Feb 2007

Am I an old grouch or are we getting a bit too much of the Oscars before they even start?

I know they are of interest to a lot of people but the entertainment world does tend to be bit self obsessed


  Forum Editor 08:40 25 Feb 2007

but it's nice to have a bit of glitz and froth in our lives, don't you think?

The Oscars ceremony is harmless enough, and provides a lot of people with an entertaining evening.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:00 25 Feb 2007

hugely overblown mutual backslapping.

  Forum Editor 10:51 25 Feb 2007

Most industries have nights of hugely overblown mutual backslapping. I've been to many of them, and they're much the same as the Oscars, except the world isn't watching, and the participants aren't all famous. Apart from that, you get the same sickly acceptance speeches - the only difference being that the winner might thank "all the boys and girls in the product development team, without them we couldn't have done it" instead of his mum and dad.

There was a time, long ago, when this forum came within a hairs breadth of winning an industry award. I was abroad on the night, so I wasn't there, which was just as well, as we were beaten to it.

  Kate B 10:57 25 Feb 2007

"hugely overblown mutual backslapping" - brilliant turn of phrase, Mr M.

I love the Oscars and there are some great films - and actors - up for awards this year.

  spuds 12:51 25 Feb 2007

Just another total waste of money. But if it makes some extremely annoying celebrity and/or fans happy, then who am I to pass sentence :O(

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