Osborne considering axing planned fuel duty rise

  peter99co 21:52 27 Jan 2011

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"We can over-ride it. We are looking at that."

  peter99co 22:24 27 Jan 2011

"Any attempt to change the duty regime is expensive... but if he (Mr Osborne) says he's looking at it, then he's looking at it."

  gengiscant 23:04 27 Jan 2011

Hands up all those who think he will axe the fuel duty rise.

  Forum Editor 23:21 27 Jan 2011

would be not knowing what the cost would be".

Apart from the (possibly equally big) problem of deciding where to set the stabilisation starter point.

  Uboat 00:54 28 Jan 2011


  Uboat 00:55 28 Jan 2011

sorry pressed enter by accident!

Peter99co you are totaly correct when you stated "Or will he simply get it from us by some other means"

this could be just another political stunt to make them look like they want to help!

  Grey Goo 08:40 28 Jan 2011

Try this calculator and see the huge difference a penny makes
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  Legolas 08:59 28 Jan 2011

Oh good I can book that Caribbean cruise now..happy days

  peter99co 09:39 28 Jan 2011

This really is a case of look after the pennies and the pound will take care of itself.

  spuds 11:40 28 Jan 2011

Just another back-track, after public or the voters protest?.

  al's left peg 12:00 28 Jan 2011

He will just hit you in the pocket elsewhere. I am tending to use my car less and less these days due to the cost of running it. I work nights and finish before public transport starts so use it for work, but tend to walk most places now. So his taxation on fuel is working to stop me using the car, however I am not buying as much fuel so therefore paying less tax.
I don't go to the pub much nowadays because of the high cost of beer and if I do go, I drink less. Again, the stance on raising taxes to make me healthier by not drinking has worked. As before though I am not going to the pub so I am paying less tax.

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