Original Spam

  laurie53 12:31 08 Aug 2007

Good to see that the original, snail mail, spam has not been totally ousted by more modern devices.

I've just had a letter from Reader's Digest entering me in to yet another "Grand Prize Draw!

  User-1159794 12:40 08 Aug 2007

Haven't had one of them for years,glad to hear there still around though.LOL

  Cymro. 13:04 08 Aug 2007

When thinking about it, I am rather surprised that Readers Digest haven't started to send out their usual rubbish by Email spam etc. It`s not like them to miss out on an opportunity. Or perhaps I have just been lucky not to have received any.

  Brumas 14:33 08 Aug 2007

Don't get too excited I'M their most important customer (they told me so)so I'm gonna win , yeah right! ;o)

  Quickbeam 14:41 08 Aug 2007

I clicked on expecting to read about truncheon meat!

  medicine hat 14:43 08 Aug 2007

Somebody wins that Grand Prize every year so why not try to make it you. You do not afterall have to purchase anything. It is though a marketing stream so I am sure they have considered the use of email.

RD also strictly adhere to all MPS et al requirements so if you ask them not to send you any further mailings they will promptly act upon that request.

  Legolas 14:44 08 Aug 2007

I get them quite regulary, I bought a book through readers digest over 25 years ago and since then I have been a valuable customer, and giving umpteen chances to win great prizes "aye right".

  Woolwell 17:39 08 Aug 2007


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