Organic Eggs

  laurie53 08:16 14 Apr 2007

Recent argument - Free Range eggs cannot be organic because the producer has no control over what the hens eat e.g. they might eat an insect contaminated with GM pollen.



  Forum Editor 08:58 14 Apr 2007

has been contaminated with something chemical at some point over the past couple of hundred years, so there's no such thing as truly organic food these days.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:58 14 Apr 2007

As we live in a country where cows are fed hormones to increase milk yield, witless parents seem to think that a MacDonalds' meal is OK for children, where the majority of people buy meat from *specially* fattened cows which is not allowed to hang and injected with water/enhanmcers from large supermarkets and these same people buy cheap chicken from the same supermarkets that has been aged 3 times quicker so that the birds are unable to stand on their legs, the food that scabby hens eat is the least of our worries.


  jack 09:07 14 Apr 2007

There was a time when 'Organic' meant a small 'grower' adhering to the epithets of the
Soil Association to output produce grown without the use of artificial fertilizer,insecticides/fungicides etc.

Even here here
[As I Discovered more than 25 years ago when running a 'Wholefood' business] the maintaining of this ethicality would be difficult if a farmer fields away up-wind was spraying his 'conventional crops' with stuff.
Now that the supermarkets have got in on the act, and are using the growing demand for 'Organic' it is being used as a 'marketing tool'- the more so if the produce concerned has been through a packaging process and has been kept in distribution warehouses and transported vast distances[including shipped in from Africa and Far East.]
The whole concept of 'Organic' is out of the window unless the consumer goes straight to the farm gate.
Sorry about that, had to say it.
Getting back your poser - you are right unless the birds are 'spoon fed' so to speak with'organic feed there is no way of knowing.
To my mind the whole business of truly 'Organic ' has been discredited by mass marketing. as predicted all those years ago.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:15 14 Apr 2007

Virtually all the food we eat comes from plants, animals and fungi. Correct me if I am wrong but they are all composed of organic compounds. Talk of "organic" food is just marketing nonsense.

PS, I work in an abattoir which supplies McDonalds with beef. I don't eat at McDonalds.

  Fred the flour grader 16:46 14 Apr 2007

A lot of the beef in school meals that Jamie Oliver professes about in healthy school meal spaghetti bolognaise comes from places such as Mozambique! It's BSE and foot and mouth infected rot. The councils buy it in this country because of cost!


  Brock100 17:33 14 Apr 2007

Never a truer work spoken gandalf

  Watchful 20:52 14 Apr 2007

I buy my eggs from a local farmer who has no crops to spray and the chickens run free and pick and scratch in the soil for whatever they want. This is what I call 'natural' and the eggs are great with deep, yellow yolks.

  Sapins 21:04 14 Apr 2007

Organic is just another way to make more money from the consumer.

  Fred the flour grader 23:56 14 Apr 2007

If you don't want to buy organic, you don't have to. I have seen both sides of it up pretty close and it is a totally different way of producing food. The problem with consumers in this country is they want "cheap food". The laws set out for food producers for food safety and traceability are second to none. All of these regulations cost money to introduce then, enforce. Ultimately the consumer picks up the bill. I agree that organic food can be costly, and the problem is now over the word "organic". A producer now of say, sausages can call them organic but, it may be that the product is not 100% organic, but the manufacturer is allowed to term it organic due to regulations. It is confusing and should be black and white for the consumer to choose.
I buy organic food but not all the time, some of the stuff I have bought has no flavour and at the end of the day, if it has no taste there is no point in buying it.

  Forum Editor 00:16 15 Apr 2007

How does the farmer make his money?

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