hijo 09:54 12 Nov 2006

just looking at the post"surley a contender" someone mentioned the fact that if there is two companies with the same name you have to proove that yours is a more legitimate reason than theres to use the domian,heres one for ya all,ive got a longtime pal who's very good freinds with one of the proprietors of this company click here
the ABOVE company has been running since the very beggining of the 90's or even earlier,its based in north yorkshire & hand builds some of the best mountainbikes in the world,however this other company click here
was born in the late 90's i think,there has been some conflict with the two & it was all settled amicably (i cant say how as its not for me to say :-) )
but the main issue with the two wasnt the UK market it was the chinise/asia market that caused the issue as people thought they was the same company....ok this has got boring bye....:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:55 12 Nov 2006



  The Brigadier 10:00 12 Nov 2006

Sorry but dont easy jet & co own the colour Orange? Stelios likes to think so anyway!!

  Forum Editor 10:45 12 Nov 2006

registered trademarks. Anyone can apply to register a trademark, but the process can be complex, and fraught with difficulties. In essence, you can only register a trademark that is aproved by the UK patents office. For a small fee (£25 plus VAT) They will inspect your trademark claim, and let you know if it's likely to succeed.
A trademark may consist of words, designs, logos or combinations of letters and/or numerals, and must be unique - the patents office will check to se that nobody else has registered a similar mark - one that might be confused with your own. You can't use words that are entirely descriptive of goods or services - you couldn't register the word 'computer' for instance, or 'gardening', or 'mountain bike'.

A specific colour tone may form part of a trademark, in which case nobody else may use that specific tone in another trademark. If you take a look at the Guinnness logo for instance, you'll see a particular shade of cream - nobody else could use that tone in a trademark.

Registration will cost £500 - an insignificant sum when you consider how important trademarks can be. Nike, for instance, doesn't have to do much more than publish the famous Nike tick for everyone to know precisely which company is represented, and most people would recognise the Microsoft trademark font, even if it said something totally different.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:48 12 Nov 2006

I remember Orange mountain bikes being being one of the top brands in the earlier days of mountain biking in this country. Unfortunately US brands have mostly taken over the high end market these days. Hijo is right that they were in business long before the mobile phone company started using the Orange name. The bike company's full name is Orange Mountain Bikes Limited.

PS, I got my first mountain bike in 1984, when they were still extremely rare in this country.

  hijo 15:47 12 Nov 2006

hi Orange mountainbikes are still one of the market leaders with the likes of "kona/intense/mountaincycle ect however the designs are all very similar nowadays the one company that REALY made the differance is "mountaincycle" as the was the fist company to EVER introduce "Disc brakes" way way back in 1990..!! yep right back then,i remember reading a article on it & looking at a photo of the bike,
it was like something from the future,,lol
i am lead to belive that oraange m/bikes changed there website name to "orangebikes" so's not to confuse everyone but for them to do that a deal was struck between the two companies.ect...

  WhiteTruckMan 16:53 12 Nov 2006

on the positions and legalities involved.

click here


  Mr Mistoffelees 17:02 12 Nov 2006

Cable operated disk brakes first appeared in the early eighties. made by a Californian firm called Phil Wood, they were aimed at road touring bikes. They were beautifully made, very complex and very expensive.

  PurplePenny 17:04 12 Nov 2006

Orange amplifiers beat both companies (1968). click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:06 12 Nov 2006
  hijo 23:34 12 Nov 2006

"mr mistoffelees" sorry i forgot to add the brakes was the first "hydraulic" ones..doh...if iam wrong so was the magazine i had back then..but thanks for your post..!!

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