Opening packaging and following instructions?.

  spuds 10:37 24 Mar 2014

I notice that it is very quiet on the PCA forum again, so here is perhaps something to think about, and if you have a solution?.

Most people use items on a daily basis that requires the removal of a label or the 'peel-back' to use or read mainly on food products.

At times, and perhaps more recently I am beginning to find doing this supposedly simple task is becoming rather difficult. Two example for instance. (1) removing the plastic cover on microwave products, only to find that they either fall to bits or are not resealable, and especially more so, if you are instructed to stir the product half way through the heating cycle. (2) labels with 'peel here' that just do not want to peel, with the end results the hidden instructions are no longer usable.

This morning, I have contacted two major supermarkets about quality control, and the points that I raised about 'nibble fingers' and removal seems a surprise to them. but they will pass the information on to the quality control and inspection teams?.

Have you had similar problems with food products, and the methods used in packaging nowadays?.

  lotvic 11:02 24 Mar 2014

It may be of comfort to watch: This video shows “a high-ranking official of the Austrian equivalent of The Milk Marketing Board demonstrating how to use their newly-introduced wax/cardboard milk carton.” ClickHere

  spuds 11:19 24 Mar 2014

lotvic, I was thinking everyone was deserting the ship, due to the quietness :O)

But going on the milk carton incident, I recall when they were first used here in the UK. Nothing like having half a carton of milk all over your bib and tucker and floor. At least for a time, it increased milk sales. The same also applied to concentrated fruit drinks!.

perhaps i shouldn't say this, but I love it when even the 'experts' get it very wrong, then seem to react that nothing happened?.

  Quickbeam 11:27 24 Mar 2014

On chicken or meat joints you can cut around the label and read it though the clear wrap. Or just cook it until it's done (the mens way) without bothering with the instructions...

  Quickbeam 11:28 24 Mar 2014

...if the quite forum is a problem, I can come up with some ideas using tinned toms.

  spuds 11:58 24 Mar 2014

"I can come up with some ideas using tinned toms"

That's perhaps the reason why the forum is deserted @:O)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 24 Mar 2014

Certainly the packaging is't made for arthritic fingers.

Hence breakfast cereal all over the worktop this morning when trying to open a new packet the inner container slit badly is I tried to pull the thing apart at the top seam.

It was suggested by my better and wiser half that I should have used scissors but funnily enough I cant work those either with stiff fingers.

  spuds 15:09 24 Mar 2014

Fruit Bat - Interesting point, because when mentioned similar to the two supermarket customer services this morning, apparently they seemed to state or think "that nobody had previously mentioned this", which to me was very surprising.

Surely we hear an awful lot about customer feedback and surveys, including consultations with any relevant bodies, for supermarket groups and especially their customer care or quality control to have missed these main points?.

  BT 18:10 24 Mar 2014

I must agree about many of the packages with 'Peel off' film.Its usually almost impossible to get hold of the tiny little bits on the corners. I usually resort to a sharp pointed knife run around the perimeter or the kitchen scissors, depending on the package. Cereal packets I usually just cut off the heatsealed seam with scissors.

  Forum Editor 18:24 24 Mar 2014

I can't say I have had any problem with microwave food packaging - I do the same as BT.

The packages that really irritate me are the stiff transparent plastic ones that enclose things like locks and door handle sets from the big shed companies - they seem to be impossible to open without stabbing yourself in the hand.

I suppose that food suppliers have a problem - they need to package fresh microwaveable products with a film that keeps air out, but we need to be able to remove it at some point. Likewise fresh milk and juices. Those cartons have been improved since the 'milk all over your shirt' days, but they still aren't perfect.

Nature gets it right with citrus fruits - liquid stays inside, and the package is easy(ish) to open. Apples are even better - you eat the packaging. Perhaps that's the way to go?

  Aitchbee 18:24 24 Mar 2014

The new fandangled tins of 'Cherry Blossom' shoe polish have got a little indent on top of the lid near the edge, 'PRESS HERE TO OPEN' ... it never works for me! I much preferred the original little turning lever on the side of the tin ... a failsafe mechanism!

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