Opening Doors, Breaking Barriers

  oresome 20:36 05 Apr 2011

Nick Clegg launched the latest government initiative today to make society fairer and improve social mobility.

He felt that opportunuities were in the past governed more by who you know rather than what you know.

Nick has first hand experience of this with an influential father to thank for his first rung on the ladder.

Does anyone seriously think things will ever be different?

And what's so wrong with parents giving a helping hand? Wouldn't you do the same?

  Strawballs 21:50 05 Apr 2011

I did I helped my son get the apprenticeship where I work!

  ams4127 22:42 05 Apr 2011

I would have helped, but all my children are gainfully employed doing jobs I don't understand!!

I was just a simple rigger.

  morddwyd 09:12 06 Apr 2011

Social mobility means making it easier to leave your family and go somewhere else to find work when you are made redundant.

  carver 09:15 06 Apr 2011

And how does he intend to change things?. Life has been like this for countless years, you can be the worst candidate for a post but if you know the right people the job is yours.

I have a son from a previous marriage and I got him a job in a friends firm when there wasn't even a job vacancy and I would do the same again.

My daughter is a very good show jumper and recently she has been offered the opportunity to ride other peoples horses at shows, not because they realise how good she is but because one of our friends is a top show jumper and has put her name around as a decent rider.

They have given her the rides only because it was him that suggested she was OK as a rider.

So how is Nick Clegg going to change things, the man changes his outlook on life every time he speaks, all hot air and waffle.

  oresome 09:45 06 Apr 2011

morddwyd said

"Social mobility means making it easier to leave your family and go somewhere else to find work when you are made redundant."

•In the social sciences, as well as in common political discourse, social mobility refers to the degree to which an individual's family or group's social status can change throughout the course of their life through a system of social hierarchy or stratification. ...

  carver 11:13 06 Apr 2011

Clegg wouldn't be where he is without a helping hand from Daddy, it's marvellous we have a man who without his father would or could be just a nobody and now he talks about how wrong it all is.

He just comes out with what he thinks people want to hear without thinking about his own circumstances.

It was the same with tuition fees, most of these people never had to pay a penny, Clegg was all for stopping them before the election and even gave his "word" on the subject.

Soon changed when he saw a chance of power.

  oresome 13:52 06 Apr 2011

One of the criticisms levelled at Clegg is the introduction of higher tuition fees in England, which hardly helps the social mobility cause he's now promoting.

  wee eddie 12:17 08 Apr 2011

it is regarded as a sin to use every legal ability a Candidate might have to obtain a job.

If Family/University Connections are among those abilities, then why should one not use them.

If a Candidate is not up to the Job, then any potential Employer who employees a lesser mortal is a fool, regardless of any Connections the Candidate might have.

After-all if you had 2 Candidates for a Research Job, one with a good Degree from MIT and the other a 2/1 from the University of SW Scotland (Paisley Campus), which would you pick.

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