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  spikeychris 19:38 10 Jul 2005


Has any member undertaken an OU course and followed it through? I'm mid way and it's hard work - someone once told me the hardest thing about getting a degree [I don't have one] is managing your time and resources. He was so right. Aaanyway back to the question - Have you followed an on-line OU course all the way?


  bremner 19:52 10 Jul 2005

Been doing OU for a number of years - some courses can be a real drag and others very interesting and seem to fly by.

Which one(s) are you doing.

  spikeychris 20:00 10 Jul 2005

BA/BSc Honours Computing and Mathematical Sciences.

  Forum Editor 20:10 10 Jul 2005

managing your time and resources is the hardest part.

I got my degree (English) the easy way - at a university where there was every opportunity to study, and I wasn't trying to earen a living at the same time. Later on I decided to do another degree with the OU - this time I chose geology - and it was a nightmare. I began to think that I would never have any free time ever again, and I had to give up before the end - something I deeply regretted. I had a young family, and I was building my business etc., etc.

You've taken on a real task, and I wish you the very best with it. The fact that you're halfway is a good sign - it's very slightly downhill from now on.

  bremner 21:04 10 Jul 2005

Me too.

I am just beyond half way and I am doing T209 at present. I would not recommend that to my worst enemy!

  spikeychris 21:51 10 Jul 2005

To manage my time would be hard enough if I was an orgainised person but I am anything but. The work is hard but not as hard as having to actually fit it in!!

I tend to just put it off until tomorrow and then do the same again. I then spend the entire weekend locked up trying to get it all done.

When you read the intros on the website you feel its a doddle, I can do that. This isn't designed to put people off - have a pop, it really is a great way to learn. However be prepared for the time it takes.

  gudgulf 23:39 10 Jul 2005

I too have been studying geology with the OU and have called a halt because of the appearance of children.I found it impossible to give the time and dedication needed to do justice to the course work and be a working family man too.I stopped just prior to embarking on the third level courses which require even more from you.......However there are some recent courses looking at climatic change from the evidence in the geological record that really have my name on them ,but it would be too much of a strain.

You have my admiration spikeychris.......and you are welcome to the spare cans of midnight oil that I still have stored away for use when meeting assignment deadlines!

  spuds 12:13 11 Jul 2005

Good Luck with your venture spikeychris. I attempted to do a course a couple of years ago, and I gave up after a few months. Being retired, I have nearly all the time in the world to spare, but the grey matter just wouldn't absorb all the knowledge being thrown at me.If you are young and willing, stick with it.

  recap 13:12 11 Jul 2005

Yes chris, I have taken an OU course in Funding Managment.

I totally agree the hardest part is time management. I think it was due to this that I failed the course. The age old saying, "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail". I just could not set time aside to do the course work. It was all done the last minute and in a rush.

I do prefer classroomm based learning to any other, seem to get more learning and support.

Best of luck with your degree.

  bof:) 20:54 11 Jul 2005

Hi spikeychris, both Mrs Bof:) and myself gained OU degrees some years ago, when it was a 708 year course. She of course gained the beter degree in what she calls 'a real subject'.

A neighbour also had a go on the grounds of..'if you thicko's can get a degree, so can I'. She never got as far as the 1st TMA. She just said that it was as if her letterbox was constanly being sick, with just more and more stuff from the OU.

There was not an option of online courses when we did ours. I agree about time management etc. many of my TMA's where finished after 3am and I had to then be at work for


  woodglass 18:41 16 Jul 2005

I studied with the OU & really enjoyed it !.
After 7 years I graduated (in 2000) with 1st class honours, having studied computing & mathematics.
The OU are way out with their estimations of 'x' hours per week study required for a course - you can at least double the no. of hours they quote !!!.
Time management is definately the most important issue, as while undertaking a course you really don't have much free time left to yourself.


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