Opal Office

  Pesala 22:42 07 Mar 2008

What do you think about this: click here

Some users were a bit upset at having paid $11.95 to download this software, only to discover that it was, in fact, OpenOffice, which as you all know is completely free.

The GPL license agreement allows anyone to sell OpenOffice, click here but Trade Descriptions might have something to say about their advertising.

  Forum Editor 23:24 07 Mar 2008

but then they're doing nothing illegal - they clearly attribute the software to Open Office in their FAQ

  Totally-braindead 23:29 07 Mar 2008

Wonder how many people they will catch with this?

I suppose a lot of people who know nothing about OpenOffice would just pay the money.

  Kemistri 23:49 07 Mar 2008

Star Office is premium as well -- that's based on OO with some extra bits added.

I have tried OO and others in the past and I have always returned to MS Office. The 2007 version is by far the best yet.

  €dstowe 06:13 08 Mar 2008

I note the site has a red warning from McAfee Site Advisor.

  iamlegend32 00:48 09 Mar 2008

Yes, I was one that got scammed by these people. The reason I purchased it was because I thought that they actually made it to work exactly like MS Office (which they say on the website). I already have Open Office and it works great, but I am used to working with MS Office at work and the two programs work similar but have different commands and a little different interface. Because the screen shots they show actually have Opal Office at the top, I thought I was getting what they had advertised. When I opened up a Google account and paid them, they gave me a link to file. The file itself was OpenOffice, NOT Opal Office like they stated. This site is a fraud and should be shut down. I posted a bad review, but of course it never went through, because if you look at all the reviews...they are all good. I should have known from the beginning. I sent them a note through Google, but never they never refunded me like they say on the website. I only lost $12, so I'm not that mad. I was just to ignorant to not check out reviews of this site (officebestdeal.com). So buyer beware...you can download the exact version for free at openoffice.org. Don't pay for it like I did.

  Pesala 10:09 09 Mar 2008

"they clearly attribute the software to Open Office in their FAQ"

No, they don't. Whatl they say is:

"It comes fully licensed under LGPL license, based on OpenOffice.org®, which is produced and maintained by free software community."

I think readers would take that to mean that the OpalOffice license is based on the LPGL license, or that OpalOffice is *based on* OpenOffice.

They do not say that it is OpenOffice, and the screenshots are deliberately misleading as they show "Opal Office" in the title bar.

IMO Trading Standards should look into this, and close down the site if possible.

  €dstowe 10:35 09 Mar 2008

McAfee red warning signs are there for a good reason. I recommend that everyone downloads the little program and takes heed of what it tells you before committing yourself anything you might regret later.

It's free.

click here

There are different versions for IE and Firefox - ensure you download the right one(s).

  Forum Editor 11:07 09 Mar 2008

would have a bit of a problem closing down a site that's based in america.

  thepcguy 18:52 02 May 2008

If you have purchased this software and are not satisfied with it in any way, then ask for a refund. If you don't get your refund in the time that this person says he would refund, then contact the BBB and file a complaint. Below are the information about this website (which for some reason, he hides). It took me a while to find this information and Google checkout's replies came back to me saying the email address listed on the account does not exist (pretty weird). Well, here is the info on the company.

208 E Learning Ave Unit B
Wildwood, NJ 08260-4549

website is click here
email is [email protected]

Hope this information helps. BBB is a free service that helps people like us that have been scammed by people like the people at Opal Office. Let the government do it's investigation and get our refunds back from these scammers.

  MrCutter 13:11 03 May 2008

The OO prefix gave it away as Open Office.
But if your not used to it then it sounds a great deal for something that is cheaper than MS!

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