ooo this is scarrey..!!!

  hijo 22:30 13 Oct 2006

ok i was told some time ago (bout a year ago)by a m8 whos DEEP into the "IT" or "IS" world as it is now known that when a pc gets a update wether it be your printer or pc thats getting a update that only half of the actual transfer time is the update & the OTHER half is the transfer of documents or files (only what websites youve been looking @ or info)that is stored or what you have been browsing so that you can be monitored WITHOUT you been made AWARE..!! this is the way my m8's a microsoft technician..."FE" will have something to say to this iam sure..!!

  anskyber 22:43 13 Oct 2006

I can hardly bring myself to reply. If you like I'll post a list of the web sites I visit if anyone is so interested.

  beynac 22:49 13 Oct 2006

Sorry, but this is absolute nonsense. Why, for example, would your printer manufacturer be interested in your browsing habits? When you are getting an update, you are downloading a file. No information is uploaded.

If he/she is a 'microsoft technician', they ought to know better than to spout such stupid rubbish.

  hijo 23:01 13 Oct 2006

thats intresting m8 i would love to know your!! anyhow some people are sooo nieve....ok i accept the printer issue might be a bit RARE BUT there is a point of intrest here my mates no idiot..he could run circle's round most "IT" persons he's teached huge compainies & done many aspects of "IT" so it leaves me thinking realy....

  beynac 23:03 13 Oct 2006

"my mates no idiot."

Sorry, but I disagree.

  Kate B 23:18 13 Oct 2006

hijo, with respect, you're barking. This is the second barking thread I've seen from you. Don't stop posting them, they're hilarious. Great entertainment!

  cycoze 23:38 13 Oct 2006

your quite right to a point, websites do indeed swap info with your computer it doesent have anything to do with updates as you have described though, all computers on the internet have to be able to talk to each other for starters or none of us would be able to access anything.

By what you have described we are talking about the good old cookie, it is simply a small file which from most large sites will store an id tag in itself which will be used to remember you, that id tag will correspond with a database on that sites server which will hold information about your previous visits, what you looked at and what you bought or downloaded etc

People have argued and continue to argue whether its an invasion of privacy or not, it certainly doesnt worry me too much, if you have a read up about cookies it might pacify your concerns.

Cookies are useful to the user as well as the web site, they can keep you signed into a forum just like this one, remewmber colour schemes and or details if you want them too, they are not dark and evil.

Just remember everytime you buy something using a card it is registered with that company, you go to the supermarket they know what you have bought and i bet you dont worry about that or that they have video footage of you etc same goes for catalogues etc they all probably keep databases of some sort, maybe not the supermarket i just couldnt think of anything else off the top of my head, anyway some companies will keep info on you to target you with advertising, this is much the same on the web.

Its all out there to read about, you dont have to be an IT specialist.

  Forum Editor 23:53 13 Oct 2006

is talking absolute rubbish, and please tell him I said so.

I very much doubt that someone that stupid works for Microsoft - what's a "Microsoft technician" anyway? I've worked with Microsoft for many years, and in al that time I've never once heard of a "Microsoft technician". In what capacity does this person work for the company - what does he actually do, apart from tell lies?

  hijo 00:47 14 Oct 2006

ive since been online with my freind who lives in the US hes a "Industry Analyst Relations Programer"...?? whatever that is..blew me outa the ground......hes based around several hardcore servers as in IBM's "System Blue Gene"..again this is a reflection of what he emailed me...i dont know anything about this...???...mmm i dont know this is like talking french to me...????? he talks another language....

  Kate B 00:55 14 Oct 2006

Why don't you share the pertinent parts of the email with us, hijo?

  Forum Editor 01:04 14 Oct 2006

he's talking rubbish, no matter how many servers he works with.

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