Only in France...

  Seth Haniel 10:27 30 Jun 2008

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A military show in south-eastern France has left 17 people wounded, after real bullets were used instead of blanks.

  spuds 10:56 30 Jun 2008

Bit like the recent live round police incident and death in the UK. At least, that wasn't a military show with children present.

  Cymro. 11:04 30 Jun 2008

Such things are not unknown. A soldier died some years ago when live rounds were mistaken for blanks in a training range in South Wales.

I don`t see why you title your thread "Only in France" as such things can happen in any country. What makes France so special in this context.

  Seth Haniel 11:20 30 Jun 2008

'writers block'

lets start a caption competition for the thread ;)

  Cymro. 11:24 30 Jun 2008

I am not very much up on things to do with France so can`t think of an alternative caption.
I just hope no one posts anything in French as I am even worse on my French then I am on my English.

  peter99co 12:03 30 Jun 2008

I was at a demo of a 9mm Browning hand gun and the instuctor fired a live round. He had been handed it by an assistant in a clip. He thought the clip was loaded with blanks. The assistant did not know he was going to load and fire. The onlookers did not expect him to load and fire either and so did not tell him that he had loaded it with live rounds. It took a fraction of a second for him to pull the trigger. So easily done. It is one of the reasons why a gun should never be pointed at anyone when pulling the trigger. Thank goodness he followed that rule.

  Cymro. 12:21 30 Jun 2008

Is there some good reason why all live ammunition can`t be produced in a different colour from blank ammunition?
Can`t someone come up with a better method of storing and transporting live and blank ammunition in such a way that the two kinds never come in to contact with each other?

  Seth Haniel 12:38 30 Jun 2008

I was activly involved in the Battle Re-enactment movement where only blank rounds were issued and used and it was suprizing the number of injuries sustained by people being shot with 'Blanks'

I had three notches on my gun ;)

  spuds 12:47 30 Jun 2008

I blame the Chinese. They invented 'the black powder' that started all this, didn't they!.

  peter99co 12:57 30 Jun 2008

Water and Air under pressure can cause serious injury if under enough pressure. A blank cartridge ejects a lot of hot gas and will penetrate if at close range.

You must have seen pictures of straw embedded in wood after a Tornado.

  wiz-king 13:17 30 Jun 2008

In the UK the magazines are colour coded differently, and the new style yellow flash arrester that goes on the barrel for use with blanks is supposed to be able to stop a live round - but I haven't tried it to see.

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