Only in America

  Graham* 23:12 09 Mar 2012

I found this interesting

  Quickbeam 23:46 09 Mar 2012

I find it more curious... whatever it is.

  Forum Editor 10:34 10 Mar 2012

"...whatever it is."

It's just one person's rambling stream of conscience. An American visitor to Britain could just as well produce 'letters' poking fun at our society.

I find that kind of thing incredibly juvenile.

  chub_tor 10:53 10 Mar 2012

I'm afraid that I read very little of the text, the white on black is hard going, but I took a look at many of the pictures and their captions and it it just seems another rant by a homesick Brit who is not willing to accept that the USA and Texas in particular is different from the UK.

We lived in between Dallas and Fort Worth for six years having sold up our house in England and buying over there. As a family we had a great time, the kids did well at school where they had a huge choice of classes and extra curricular activities, work for me with a bunch of "can do" engineers was a real pleasure and the missus had a great time once her work permit came through. We had 2400 square feet of house on a largish plot with plenty of room for us and guests. The drawback for us was the summertime heat; OK in the air conditioned house/car but impossible to work outside in the garden during the day.

Work brought me back to England again but our daughter stayed and we still visit Austin Texas at least a couple of times a year - although not anytime between June and September unless forced to.

I like America and Americans, they have their quirks but the vast majority are kind, friendly and hard working. They don't have a welfare culture and if you need money you have to earn it or do without. However they are not heartless and possibly because of the tax benefit system they are great supporters of charities. Basic health care is available via Medicare and Medicaid even for those with no money but I have to emphasise basic and for everything else insurance (or a helluva lot of money) is mandatory. That's the one thing that stops us going back there to live - well that and the heat in Texas.

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