Only 1 in 5 eats 5 a day!

  Blackhat 09:38 14 May 2012

5 a day

No surprise there. Can anyone honestly say that they do every day? I certainly can’t. And do you really need to?

  Joseph Kerr 11:35 14 May 2012

Not a lot of people know this, but the recommendation was actually revised upwards to 9 servings. I think it's all based on the idea that there are fewer instances of bowel cancer in people who eat 400 grams of fruit and veg a day (so a serving is 80 grams, for those who like to think of it that way). But correlation does not necessarily equal causation...

Indeed, there is an argument that fruit and veg is largely useless to you, and possibly dangerous in the case of fruit (fructose). Some people may consider that to be a lunatic fringe idea though.

Personally, I'm all in favour of a bit of fruit and plenty of veg, because it can bulk out a diet and stop you eating rubbish. Not that I necessarily practice as I preach.

  lotvic 11:35 14 May 2012

I'm going to have to work it all out, I just eat what I fancy. I wonder why potatoes don't count? Do think that's to stop us all from living on Chips?

quoted from your link: WHAT IS 'FIVE A DAY'? It equals around 400g of fruit and/or veg. One portion is 80g

A portion equals two or more small fruits ie satsumas, one medium-sized fruit ie an apple or banana, or half a grapefruit or one large slice of melon

A portion of veg would be two broccoli spears or three heaped tablespoons of cooked vegetables such as carrots, peas or sweetcorn

Potatoes do not count. But fresh, frozen, tinned and dried fruit and vegetables do

Smoothies can count for up to two of your five a day

Pulses and beans count as one portion - no matter how much you eat

  Joseph Kerr 11:54 14 May 2012

Thanks for th einfo, lotvic.

  interzone55 12:24 14 May 2012

I generally have a glass of fruit juice and packet of dried fruit with my lunch, a banana with my afternoon brew and peas and / or sweetcorn with my tea.

That makes 4 portions most days

  spuds 12:47 14 May 2012

I often suspect that this really as nothing to do with living and having a 'good health' style, but more to do with processor's of food and other's who are involved in this industry. After all, they would need to prove that they are experts and worth their weight in salt or gold, to those of us who are possibly far less intelligent?.

My own regime is to eat what I fancy, and it hasn't done me much harm over the years, including eating foods that are not normally classed as healthy in today's modern society.

It still baffles me, when I see a very nice printed carton showing a very nice looking pie of some form or description, then you check the ingredients list, and perhaps find that the main item is perhaps only 10% or even less, the rest of the contents are perhaps something that most would not understand?.

The same applies for 'organics', and how the experts were saying 20 years ago, how organics would be a ruling factor from then on, yet it was only the other week on the BBC Country File that the experts were now saying how organics was not the success story that was anticipated. I recall my young days, when organic food was a normal thing, and very little was wasted, something far different nowadays?.

  amonra 13:28 14 May 2012

I was told by my neighbour that his 5 a day was :-

1 apple tart 1 strawberry flan 1 lemon cheesecake 1 peach melba 1 banoffee pie

followed by a glass of cider, full of apples !

  Batch 13:58 14 May 2012

My 5+ (typically):

-- Prunes with muesli for breakfast

-- Banana & apple or pear mid-morning

-- 1/2 glass of fruit juice with lunch + possibly tomatoes included in sandwich

-- Fresh veg. / salad with dinner (in fact, the amount here probably amounts to 2 or 3 portions).

BTW, the 5 a day is a UK figure (or maybe even England). Other countries around the world have their own figures. It is by no means absolute science. Bottom line is eat a healthy varied diet.

  Blackhat 14:09 14 May 2012

Five a day = 35 per week, I probably manage 10-12 per week but having seen that Smoothies can count for up to 2, I will try to find a flavour that I like.

I was brought up on meat + 2 veg a day and have never had any real health problems in my 50 years. I know that my diet is not what would be recommended but I am happy with my weight, health and fitness.

Strange that beans only count as 1 no matter how many you eat! (Tinned tomato’s count by the way).

  Joseph Kerr 14:29 14 May 2012

"Fresh veg. / salad with dinner (in fact, the amount here probably amounts to 2 or 3 portions)."

Good, as the other bit they don't tell you is that it should be weighted in favour of veg, really.

"BTW, the 5 a day is a UK figure (or maybe even England). Other countries around the world have their own figures. It is by no means absolute science. Bottom line is eat a healthy varied diet."

We pinched th eidea from An American study I think, and imply divided the supposedly beneficial amount by 5.

  Joseph Kerr 14:30 14 May 2012

Blimey, I'm typo happy today.

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