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  BigMan24 13:50 24 Apr 2005

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering how u all keep up with the news.

I dont mean computer/technology news in particular, I mean all news, like current affairs/political/international kinda thing, if u get my drift.

I usually use the bbc news website, but have started looking at other news websites like The Times Online, and Guardian Unlimited. I would've liked to use the Financial Times, but they require a subscription.

Do u use any of these websites, or do u use different ones?

And what do u think about the quality of news websites from an actual newspaper, i.e. do u think they are there to complement the newspaper, or be an independent source of news altogether?

Any thought would be very much appreciated!


  wiz-king 16:09 24 Apr 2005

I use the BBC news and the Daily Telegraph from this country and click here from South Africa for a diferent perspective on the news. click here is a weekly column that needs to be studied as a non-tyical take on the news, I cant see it in an British paper somehow. Another local paper from SA is click here and the SA equivalent of the BBC click here Choosing another countrys news gives you an insight into the character if the country as well as a new insight into the news.

  Dan the Doctus 16:18 24 Apr 2005

I only ever use the BBC website and sometimes the Google news site since I just have to click on it's icon on the toolbar.

  paddyjack 21:17 24 Apr 2005

Try here for yet another view click here

  Forum Editor 23:58 24 Apr 2005

is the best on the web - bar none. I have their news feed on several of my clients' websites, and I get news alerts on my own machines. The BBC shows the rest of the world the way when it comes to delivering news online.

  The Spires 01:05 25 Apr 2005

On the BBC page click here on each country profile there are newspaper & news agency sites of each respective country. I have bookmarked quite a few & find it quite interesting to have a browse though them once a week or so.

  jerichobob 14:07 25 Apr 2005

I watch the T.V. I'd rather use the internet for other things. I also like the feel of newspapers - plus the crosswords in a few can be quite tricky sometimes, try Manchester Evening News for instance - and the fact that I can carry them to and from work to read during my lunch break. Does that make me a philistine?


  Andybear 20:31 25 Apr 2005

I generally get my news from the radio bulletins. I don't really go for it in much detail.

  Kate B 22:57 26 Apr 2005

As a newspaper journalist I'm disappointed that none of you read newspapers!

Interesting, though ..

  wiz-king 05:45 27 Apr 2005

but the electronic versions. Think of the amount of energy saved if we all used the internet versions, no nasty smelly lorries and vans rushing round the streets, a few trees that live to grow up and thousands of cleaners out of a job on London Underground. Mind you there may be a shortage of egg boxes. I get to handle a real paper a couple of times a week but its old news by the time I get it in the evening, I go to work too early to get one in the morning, they havent arrived at the village shop when I go out. We dont all live in London! I can watch the news unfold during the day if I'm at my desk, if I am down in the workshops then I have to rely on Radio 4. When you read a column like Ian Frazor's click here it would be meaningless if you read the hard-copy and missed out on the links. I admit the hard-copy news have some advantages; you can hide behind a paper on the train or blunderround or read somone elses paper - trouble is they turn the pages at the wrong time and you miss the tailend of some articles. Why dont you get a secondment to the M&G in South Africa for a couple of weeks round about Christmas see how its done and enjoy the sunshine?

  BigMan24 03:15 30 Apr 2005

Hey, thanks for the replies - very interesting indeed!

Kate B: What newspaper do u work for, if u dont mind me asking?

And since wez-king brought up the topic of electronic versions.

What does everyone think of them?

I think for most newspapers u can download a pdf file of the actual newspaper - i think they look quite good, but there is a price to pay in the subscription.

Do u think these are value for money, when u can read most of the articles online anyway?


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