online gaming ... I'm an addict

  Kate B 12:36 26 Feb 2005

anyone else tragically addicted to an onlime game? I'm spending waaaaaaay too much time with World of Warcraft ...

  NIGEY 14:50 26 Feb 2005

you have taken the first step in facing your problem kate, that is admitting there is a problem ,may i be the first to wish you good luck in beating your addiction,now the second step...uninstall the game and use the disc tied to a tree or something to scare the birds away in your garden!

  Forum Editor 15:40 26 Feb 2005

(or so legend has it):-

"There's only one thing to do about temptations..............yield to them."

See you when you're better, Kate.

  Kodan 18:52 26 Feb 2005

You are doomed.

I have been playing Ultima Online obsessively for the last 5 years, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I may see you in WoW soon, as I intend to try it out.

  Bleep 19:27 26 Feb 2005

Have nearly lost my girlfiend and nearly failed my degree due to nights of gaming.

XBOX Live and my PC has alot to answer for!! I just wish it had been around when I was 15 and not 24 !!!

  Starfox 20:41 26 Feb 2005

You are not alone, totally addicted to Unreal Tournament here, surprised the PC hasn't melted. :0)

  VNAM75 02:13 27 Feb 2005

I'm on the Xbox live 2 month trial - very good service and functionality but:

Street Fighter Anniversary - get thrashed most of the time. Can't believe how good some of the people are.

Top Spin Tennis - played only 1 match and did not win a single point.

Pro Evo 4 - haven't got a chance.

  powerless 08:36 27 Feb 2005

yso how are you?

yi'm fine.



  Starfox 13:17 27 Feb 2005

I think we can all relate to your gaming experience,we all have to learn. :0)

  Kate B 14:02 27 Feb 2005

Kodan, if you do go into WoW, I'm a gnome mage called Pollydolly ... let's get together and bash a few trolls!

and VNAM75, I was rather miffed the other day: some hulking great dwarf dozens of levels ahead of me challenged me to a duel and when I refused he started making chicken noises and flapping his "wings" at me. The cheek!

  Dan the Confused 14:09 27 Feb 2005

'hulking great dwarf'...'making chicken noises'...
'flapping his "wings"'...

I gotta try this! :D

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