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  BigMan24 08:19 26 Apr 2005

Hi guys,

I'm just wondering if any of u play games on the internet?

Either little simple games on a website that can be quite addictive, or newer type games like massively multi-player online games like warcraft and the matrix online?

Also, I'd appreciate ur thot on the newer online games like everquest, matrix online, warcraft and such like. i.e. what do u think of them? do u play them? have u had any experiences with them?

Thanks guys!

  Kate B 13:48 26 Apr 2005

Oh, Warcraft ... I am totally and utterly addicted to it at the moment. It's excellent - easy to pick up the basics, a good community of players and compelling. And beautiful to look at, too.

I suspect the reason it's so addictive is that it's constantly setting lots of easily achievable goals that overlap - for example: "OK, it's getting on for bedtime, so I'll head gently back to the inn to log off and en route if I kill x monsters I'll finish that quest so I'll just turn that quest in ... and oh, if I kill another x monsters by going the longer way round I'll level up, then I could before I log off go to Ironforge, put some of my stuff up for auction, pick up the new spells for my new level ..."

see what I mean? Give it a whirl, it's excellent. But expect to irritate the life out of your partner!

  futurhead 14:01 26 Apr 2005

i will be playing warcraft when the damm postman brings my software lots greatand i need a new addiction. just built a new pc so i can play it

  BigMan24 15:25 26 Apr 2005

kate b

is this world of warcraft that is extremely addictive?
can i ask u what specs ur computer has?


  sgoku 15:54 26 Apr 2005

how bout City of heros, i have just stated playing it, and i cant stop,
The idea of being a super hero is just to cool

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:35 26 Apr 2005

Counter-strike Source, Half Life2 Deathmatch, Far Cry, UT 2003. Mmmm bit of a common thread here.
I have heard World of Warcraft is very good, but I feel it's a cheek to charge you £30 for the game then another £10 (or whatever it is)a month to play it.

  [email protected]@ 16:42 26 Apr 2005

I don't play the subscription games like Warcraft or Planet Side but I think the best game at the moment for free online play is Unreal Tournament 2004,doubtless there are many others but that is my favourite.

Fully agree with Arthur Scrimshaw about monthly subscription games and I think that if we are not careful you are going to find lot's of games going in this direction.

  [email protected]@ 17:04 26 Apr 2005

Which will cost you nothing in the way of subscription or having to buy a Cd then try this click here it's called Project Entropia and is an unbelievably addictive online game,once you get started that is.

Bit of a big download though,but you can do it in stages and you really need broadband although it is not essential.

first person addict here, counterstrike source is good fun, although i did play it to death and so am not playing it much now (although my busted 6800Gt hasnt helped....)

Battlefield 1942 is a great game, plenty of mods for it, and the site that is in my name (click here) we are just about to start having a retro period, ie Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 for a good blast from the past...

  Rigga 19:40 26 Apr 2005

[email protected]@, what's your moniker, i'll look out for you in UT2k4. Mine is R1gg4. :)


  Non Welsh Local 19:52 26 Apr 2005

Oh yes, HL2 DM is a regular feature of my day....

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