Onetel: level of service

  12inches 14:17 26 Feb 2005

A vote is taken from time to time to award the title of best ISP & I thought my recent experiences with Onetel might be relevant. Firstly,
I have been getting too many e-mails which OE cannot block because they originate from html.
Onetel ask me to report these instances to '[email protected]' which i have done about 20 times. Every one is sent back to me 'undeliverable/recipient site not recognised'.Each time I e-mail Onetel to report this result they fail to respond.
I had a technical problem with our personal website and phoned Onetel for help/support. After speaking to several charming people with Asian accents all who eventually said they would have to give me another phone number to ring (quite often the same one i had rung earlier), for over 40mins, I gave up. They did not seem to understand my problem.
Thankfully, PcAdvisors forum sorted me out.

  josie mayhem 15:29 26 Feb 2005

I've used onetel now for several years, and never really had a problem with them, only a odd glich.

Apart from being put on hold for ages, problems had been sorted quickly.

The last time they had cut my bb conection, one phone call and I was up and running with in the hour.

  nathen 15:13 27 Feb 2005

A friend of mine uses onetel, and after being on line for 2hrs30min, received a bill for £180!. He tried contacting onetel.A gentleman(?) with an asian accent told him it was his problem!
What should he do? Try BT? or the watchdog?

  Salinger 15:17 27 Feb 2005

Sounds a bit like your friend may have a dialler infestation.

  trevpearson 22:22 28 Feb 2005

I've been with Onetel since they started in the telephone business. Had no problem's whatsoever. Customer Services were "amateur" but OK. Mainly Aussie's taking a year out in London, amateur's but nice with it.

Went dialup with them, again no major problems.

Evolved to Broadband, then problems. Revised Direct Debit payments not claimed, went into arrears, "Dear Sir, threat,threat,threat Letter's." Direct Debit's re-setup, they took 2 payments per month. Age's to get overpayments back to me. Customer Services moved to India.

Now grossly overpriced on Broadband Service (eg BT Broadband 2mb v Onetel 512k service).

Broadband service excellent, but now overpriced. Customer Services robotic and, to me, reading from a script.

Alas, I fear one of my favorite Service Providers has turned into a money-grabbing monster. Once my 12 month contract has expired I will move on.


  Buchan 35 22:59 28 Feb 2005

I`m inclined to go along with you there. The worst part of their service is the asian personnel. I`ve no problem with this normally except that over a telephone network I cannot understand what they are saying and I have to hang up problem unsolved. I`m looking at my conyract to find out when it finishes and then like you I`m off

  Buchan 35 20:51 01 Mar 2005

I do however disagree with you totally about their charges for BB. If you sign up with them for free phone calls 24/7 and broadband it`s only £29.99 p.m.
The only phone calls you do pay for are non-geographical numbers, and thats an issue I`ve raised with my bank. They love to keep me waiting. However my OneTel bill per month is rarely higher than £33.00. I still pay BT quarterly for line rental. Oh I nearly forgot, you can have the same package without BB (just dial-up) for £19.99 p.m

  flyer 22:25 01 Mar 2005

I've also been with onetel since they started and not had a problem, HOWEVER, my girl friend has had all sorts of billing probs, not taking DD then getting legal letters, then moving DD date without authorisation etc. call center was useless, so I rang the london number and emailed the press officer(address from the site) and that got things sorted.they have gone down hill big time.
I now have Wannadoo 1Mb BB which is fine!

  Stuartli 16:07 02 Mar 2005

I joined One-Tel's phone service (StandardUKTalk) about five months ago and received £20 credit for calls - all weekend calls are free 01 and 02 prefixes) and up to an hour for 5p during the evening. Directory enquiries are free.

To date I'm still using up the £20 credit and the only cost has been BT's line rental (as you would expect).

I made one e-mail enquiry soon after joining and received a pretty quick and, it proved, accurate response.

A current offer on its website is for free evening and weekend calls for a year by joining online; it still includes the £20 credit for free calls.

  Lettervanman 16:26 02 Mar 2005

Do I recall that Onetel was taken over? This may explain the poor "service"

  sattman 17:05 02 Mar 2005

No problem at all with OneTel must be the best value going

FREE weekend calls to UK landlines
All for £10.99

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