One year on, my PC would cost me more today.

  Joe R 22:28 29 Mar 2009

I built my three yearly PC, around fifteen months ago, at the princely sum of £658. {base unit only)

Out of curiosity, I checked the prices of the same parts last night, and found that I couldn't build the same system for less than £700+.

I cannot remember, ever being able to say, that my PC would cost more to build now, than what it was fifteen months ago. Strange thing this recession!

PS, system consists of MSI Neo-F mobo, Intel E6750 CPU, Radeon 2900 Pro Video, 3Gb Corsair DHX pc800 DDR, 1 x Pioneer, 1 x Optiarc dvd-rw, Hiper 630watt PSU, 2 x WD 250GB sata HD's, Coolermaster 532 Case with extra Scythe fan.

  Stuartli 22:39 29 Mar 2009

You surprise me as I'm sure that some of the components you list are unlikely to be easily found, whilst hard drives have risen dramatically capacity wise yet cost less.

There are also numerous versions of the motherboard you list and the E6750 was (obviously) dearer in 2007 than today.

  Joe R 23:01 29 Mar 2009


I am sitting with my Scan invoice in front of me, and, in November 2007, the E6750 cost me £117.50, but I can't find it today, for less than £130.

The hard drives were £15 each more expensive at that time, but this is more than offset, with the PSU now at £74, against the £56 I paid, also the case is now £18 more expensive, XP home, £18 more expensive, and most surprisingly for me, the price of the memory is almost exactly the same.

I agree with you about the Mobo coming in so many flavours, and I could not find the same board anywhere, but the few I found Very similar, are still around the same price.

  Joe R 23:03 29 Mar 2009

Forgot to add, that the Graphics card is also around £15 more expensive.

  Joe R 23:05 29 Mar 2009

fourm member,

I also know all about the recession, having been made redundant on Friday past.

  Stuartli 23:06 29 Mar 2009

Obviously I take your word for the prices, but I'm still surprised...:-)

  Joe R 23:09 29 Mar 2009


not as much as I was.

Usually after a self build, I torture myself, when weeks later, whatever part I have bought is superceded, and the price I have paid nearly halfs. :)

  VNAM75 23:25 29 Mar 2009

Can't believe I paid £270 for my amd 3800 nearly 4 years ago. They were going for about £20 about 1.5 years ago. At the time it was the 4th fastest cpu.But it's still running very strong, so I can't find the (any) reason to buy the q6600 or i7 920 I've wanted for ages.

  Stuartli 10:34 30 Mar 2009

>>...our intuitive expectation that prices will fall when demand falls is unable to offset the dramatic change in exchange rates.>>

Which is precisely why I advised a fine wine loving pal just before Christmas to order as much as he required for a while, as prices would go up sharply early in the new year...:-)

  Stuartli 14:18 30 Mar 2009

Shopping does seem to be the popular therapy at present - my local Tesco Extra, one of the largest in the UK, is seemingly mad busy at whatever time or day I visited it.

Even in the early hours there are still a remarkable number of shoppers...:-)

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