One for the travellers - Dubai airport

  exdragon 09:59 20 Apr 2011

Hi - as this is the place to go for answers on any topic under the sun, can someone tell me if sterling will be ok for the two or three hours we'll be in the airport, before boarding the next flight? Mind you, looking at the size of the airport, it'll probably take us ages to find out where we should be going, so I can see us sprinting along, coffee in hand, which won't be a pretty sight, bearing in mind we're a couple of wrinklies.

  spuds 10:37 20 Apr 2011

Whatever you do, don't be tempted to buy any gold because you will be 'thumped' en-route or at your final destination. American Express might do nicely though ;o)

I tend to find, that in my travelling days, the US$ in note form as a better valued exchange rate. I always use to carry a few of those bills about, and was never refused on any of my travel arrangements, where in some cases £sterling was looked on with some suspicion and a jumpy exchange rate. But perhaps times have changed, since all those years ago?.

  exdragon 10:48 20 Apr 2011

Thanks - I don't think we'll have much time for spending much, just drinks and a snack, perhaps, so I didn't know if it was worth getting a few quid in local currency.

  onthelimit1 15:11 20 Apr 2011

Last time I was there, they only had one working loo in the entire building. I leave it to your imagination!

  Forum Editor 17:13 20 Apr 2011

You can use almost any currency you like. I have certainly spent Hong Kong dollars there, and sterling.

  exdragon 23:18 20 Apr 2011

Thank you. We have been advised about a possible problem with the loos, and have been told to use the ones on the west side. Bet we get that wrong!

  onthelimit1 08:38 21 Apr 2011

I think it was a temporary problem when I was there caused by a failure of the local water plant.

  Condom 13:52 21 Apr 2011

I use Dubai airport regularly and you will be able to use just about any currency you wish. There are plenty of coffee and snack shops as well as the usual duty frees. It ia a wonderful airport and has recently been greatly expanded. There were some temporary problems linking the two building but that is now solved. There are also plenty loos but on the male side be prepared for the hole in the ground variety which is very popular in the middle and far east. If you wish a traditional western style loo then you have to look a little harder or ask to use the ones in the business class lounges and you will probably be told it is OK.

It is a very long thin terminal building so my advice is on arrival to find out where your departure is from so that you leave plenty time to get there if you are wandering around. Emirate flights to the UK for example tend to leave from the extreme end of the building. Have a wonderful trip to wherever you are going but you will be perfectly safe in Dubai airport as security is very very strict.

  exdragon 20:21 21 Apr 2011

Condom - thank you so much for your comprehensive response. I wish we were going next week instead of in a couple of months. We're heading for Australia for a two months, with a few days in Melbourne on the way out and Sydney on the way home.

  pavvi 23:40 21 Apr 2011

When in Sydney, if not afraid of heights try and 'walk the bridge'. I did this a few years ago and it was breathtaking. You are secured to the bridge the whole time and you get a fantastic view of the harbour and opera house from the top of the harbour bridge. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. They will take your photo at the top (you have to put everything loose into a locker)

  Forum Editor 00:12 22 Apr 2011


I have never walked the Sydney bridge, but I've been under it many times, and always wondered if the intrepid walkers ever dropped anything. Now I know the answer.

For six months my son lived in the tall landmark block of flats that overlooks the bridge and harbour, and when I was in the city on business he used to try to talk me into walking the bridge with him. I'm not that good with heights, so I always found an excuse not to do it.

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