One for the those that know about cars.

  bumpkin 17:56 23 Sep 2015

It may seem and odd place to ask this but as a youngster I was very interested in cars and knew much about them. Having got married and more important things to concern myself with this interest waned. I now have 2 Citroens neither of which I particularly like but other members of the family do. I would now like to get something for myself but am completely out of touch with models and series this and that.

Looked at loads of ads and photos but never sure what may be suitable. I am thinking of a fews years old BMW, Merc or Audi, medium size about the same as a Ford escort or sligthly bigger. Must have 4 doors and be Auto.

Just wondered if anyone here could speak from experience.

  Forum Editor 18:01 23 Sep 2015

My wife drives a BMW, I have an Audi.

Over the years I have owned a Volvo, two Mercedes, various Fords, and my current Audi.

My next car will be another Audi - best car I've ever driven. An A3 auto would seem to meet your requirements.

  bumpkin 18:10 23 Sep 2015

Thanks for the quick reply my sister has one and it was something I was seriously considering.

  Belatucadrus 18:20 23 Sep 2015

If it's luxury you want rather than Sportiness why not consider a Lexus IS,As I understand it they don't have the residuals of the premium Europeans so could be cheaper. To balance that out the reputation for quality and reliability is impeccable. Not speaking from direct experience though, my last car was a Toyota which runs lexus and it was fine until white van man drove into it. Now got a BMW but it's a manual with too few doors to meet your requirements.

  bumpkin 18:29 23 Sep 2015

Thanks for your suggestion but a Lexus is a bit on the big side.

  Dragon_Heart 22:24 23 Sep 2015

Your spoilt for choice.

Assume your after a more 'upmarket' brand than a Ford, Vauxhall, Citroën, Renault or Peugeot ? No offence to owners of those makes ( we have Ford Kuga's ).

Alfa's Giulietta

BMW 1 series

Audi A3 hatchback or saloon

Honda Civic

Volvo C30 or 40

Lexus CT 200h

Mercedes-Benz B class

Subaru Impreza ( a sports car hidden under a standard saloon )

VW Jetta ( a Golf with a boot )

Mazda 3

All I understand come in Auto options

  OTT_B 07:05 24 Sep 2015

The Mercedes C class is an absolute cracker of a car. The new generation was released a year or so ago, and second hand prices are quite high. The prices of the previous generation are very reasonable and the cars are well equipped. Auto gear boxes are common and smooth. The C220 is fuel efficient, but the V6 diesels are better to drive (very smooth and still relatively fuel efficient). Servicing can be expensive if you go through Mercedes dealers.

Other than that, Dragon_Heart has mentioned the Volvo C30 / C40 - they're certainly worth a look. If you do that, then also look at the Jaguar XF. Reasonably priced, good second hand buy, refined and looks great!

  bumpkin 10:21 24 Sep 2015

Thanks for your replies, that is the sort of advice I am looking for.

  spuds 10:27 24 Sep 2015

I think the answer to this, all boils down to finance and how much you are wanting to spend, taking into considerations of all the extras, like insurance, servicing etc.

Over the years I have driven and used many different vehicle types from different manufacturer's, both brand new and old, and all have their own little oddities. Ford or Vauxhall seem to be the old usual choice, but people now seem to go for the more 'top of the range'.( Looking in our GP's practice car park 'Doctors Only' parking spaces. The Audi, Lexus, Range Rover or similar with personalised number plates, seem to be the choice there).

My late father use to have a variety of vehicles over the years, ranging from the 'T' Ford, Frazer Nash, Jaguars to even a Rolls Royce. It was usually money no object, and what the market was offering. My late brother usually stuck with the larger Ford Granada type (him being disabled with leg and hip problems) or the Audi, but he did find the Audi range more expensive to service etc.

My own little fleet at present consists of a Vauxhall Astra estate, Renault Laguna, Land Rover Freelander, Peugeot 206 SW estate. Strangely the Vauxhall Astra estate was built in 1999, and to me its the vehicle of choice everytime. A great workhorse, totally reliable, cheap to run and maintain, very comfortable, with very few things to go wrong.The only problem with that, is that I have had to recently change breakdown company, because the previous company will not cover vehicles over 16 years old.

  bumpkin 11:23 24 Sep 2015

I don't do a lot of mileage so I only want to spend about £8000 tops. Not sure what I could get for that until I start some research.

  Quickbeam 11:40 24 Sep 2015

8K will get you a very well speced and low mileage Skoda Superb. The Superb is basically a VW Passat or an Audi A6 with a Skoda badge on...

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