one of those days

  Jarvo 23:14 05 Dec 2004

I bought a gorges little creative Zen mini mp3 player this morning and was over the moon with it until-

I spent two hours trying to install and uninstalling the software finally working out that my AV was causing it to through a paddy half way through install.

I spent another three hours trying to get 2.5gb of music files on to it yet again crashing half way through until Finlay working out that it was spitting its dummy out at my USB2 hub and really wanted to be plugged directly into my laptop.

But after 5 hours of pulling my hair out It was working and what a quality product I spent the next two hours playing with my new toy (Very impressed) until-

It died on me saying Hardware problem and would not reset AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ever had one of those days?

Back to the shops tomorrow then


  watchful 07:15 06 Dec 2004

Sure have!

I guess most folks do. Fortunately none of mine have been computer-related........yet. :o)

  Jarvo 18:05 06 Dec 2004

Problem resolved New Zen and 10 out of 10 to Argos for a straight no quibble swap. I bought My Zen Argos because I could not wait (or take the time of work) for an Internet purchase which may have saved me £20, but I am glad I did now instead of waiting days to post of and return. If anyone is thinking of a Zen Micro the units that Argos are selling are the Limited edition (?) two battery versions so although £20 more than on line you get a free £25 second battery, although this may be the same as the online versions at other retailers.

sorry about the rant


  Dorsai 18:11 06 Dec 2004

Anyone who has not had one of 'those days' is either telling porkies, or has not actually tried doing anything (As if you dont try, it cant go wrong).

Glad it worked out OK in the end.

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