One step nearer to Soylent Green

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:10 14 Oct 2006
  WhiteTruckMan 22:22 14 Oct 2006

to anyone who knows all the verses of the song
'Ilkley moor baht tat'


(ask me nicely and maybe I will not sing them all for you)

  Forum Editor 22:39 14 Oct 2006

and I hope it catches on.

  wolfie3000 22:44 14 Oct 2006

Practical yes but how would the families of the deceased feel?

I think many will prefer the more traditional coffin and hole in the ground method.

  lisa02 23:28 14 Oct 2006

I like this method.

I don't like burials, my mom was buried and I never visit the grave - I feel no connection with it. I can remember her in my own ways without seeing the plot of land where her corpse is rotting away beneath the soil. I'd have liked a cremation but the rest of the family did not.

  Forum Editor 23:35 14 Oct 2006

Why should they feel, any different?

When you're dead you're dead - you, the person is gone, and what remains is a shell. Most people tend to discuss what happens with their families, long before they die anyway.

I've told everyne in my family that they can do what they like when I go - it's of no significance, and the quicker/easier/most hygienic method of body disposal would be just fine with me. I don't have a religious bone in my body, so that won't get in the way either. If there's anything left of me after the cremation or freeze-drying I wouldn't mind being scattered in the sea off the North Norfolk coast. Anyone who wants to visit me and think thoughts will just have to drive up there and stare at the horizon.

  spuds 00:18 15 Oct 2006

This method of freeze drying as been talked about for some time now, and personally I think it is a good idea, unless you decide to offer your body to science.

  Kev.Ifty 01:38 15 Oct 2006
  ashdav 02:02 15 Oct 2006

After reading HVR's link I would be very interested to know how a magnetic field can extract mercury...

  wolfie3000 04:36 15 Oct 2006

Dont get me wrong i think its a great idea,
My point is that some may find it, well a little unusual and of course some faiths might not allow it.

  Apron 05:30 15 Oct 2006

My first choice is to be an anatomy lesson,which is free, should my body prove unsuitable for this (and they are quite fussy)this would be a good alternative. I am antitheist so no problems there. I am also horrible and it would really upset my Froom relatives - look forward to it

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