One for the Space Station Fans among us...

  Bingalau 19:14 16 Apr 2009
  peter99co 20:07 16 Apr 2009

Very instructive.

  tullie 21:24 16 Apr 2009

Amazing isent it.

  peter99co 21:30 16 Apr 2009

click here

Just enter where you live.

  peter99co 21:39 16 Apr 2009
  WhiteTruckMan 22:04 16 Apr 2009

who goes where

click here

let alone what goes where!


  MAJ 22:21 16 Apr 2009

I now find it boring to be truthful, with all the brains working on the space station, I would have thought that they would have found some way of introducing an artificial gravity by now. Until that happens, it'll only be a rther expensive Mecchano set.

  Forum Editor 22:31 16 Apr 2009

It can be done, but it involves lying on a rotating bed that creates a centrifugal force, and thereby simulates a gravity loading on a human body.

The science fiction vision of huge space stations that slowly spin to produce a gravitational load is really just a vision - it would cost a very great deal, and the station would have to be very big to make it a practical proposition.

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