One More for the Oldies

  morddwyd 20:49 24 Mar 2011

Well, pre 1971 anyway, and triggered by the penny drop in duty.

Prior to decimalisation we used to talk about a penny, not one pence, and two pence (tuppence) not 2 dee.

Even the BBC flagship news at 6.00pm talked about a "one pence reduction".

I thought decimalisation was simply to change the currency, not the language?

  birdface 20:59 24 Mar 2011

1 pence today is worth more than 1pence in the old days so may have saved enough in the next year to buy myself a pint.

  QuizMan 21:59 24 Mar 2011

The Oxford English Dictionary confirms that pence is the plural of penny.

It goes on to say "The two plural forms pence and pennies tend to be used for different purposes: pence refers to sums of money (five pounds and sixty-nine pence) while pennies refers to the coins themselves (I left two pennies on the table). It is a mistake to use pence rather than penny in the singular to refer to one penny: the chancellor will put one pence on income tax."

That is a straight cut and paste from the concise OED

  Graham. 23:10 24 Mar 2011

When a checkout girl says 'That will be 6 pounds and 95 pence' I always ask 'Is that new pence'?

  Forum Editor 23:19 24 Mar 2011

of the Angry Old Men Association is well represented this evening.

  sunnystaines 08:07 25 Mar 2011

why do some americans refer to a penny when they have cents/dimes

  Quickbeam 08:27 25 Mar 2011

There was a time during the transition when 'new pee' was the most used term. That went sometime in the late '70s... roundabout the time when '70s digital watches came out.

  BT 08:31 25 Mar 2011

And do you all remember that when the Chancellor announced a one penny rise in the price of petrol from 6pm on Budget day there would be long queues at the forecourts to get a few gallons at the old price. And that was when the penny was on a gallon not a litre so most people would save literally just a few pence

  Quickbeam 09:21 25 Mar 2011

But isn't it a case that duty rises are applied from release of the goods from the distillery or bonded warehouses?

VAT increases are from the date that is set by the government, and applied to all existing stock from the day the increase takes place, requiring a full stock take before that day.

  Aitchbee 10:33 25 Mar 2011

A singing group from 60's/70's called The Five Penny Piece.I think they appeared on The Braden Beat.

The title is an old Scaffold song.

Do you remember?

  birdface 10:42 25 Mar 2011

It happens that quick before you know it you will be one of us.

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