One Gigabyte

  WhiteTruckMan 01:19 15 Oct 2007

Isn't what it used to be

click here

Thank goodness.


  crosstrainer 06:28 15 Oct 2007

This is the first machine I ever looked after...Response time (if lucky) approx 8 mins!

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  interzone55 09:21 15 Oct 2007

One place I worked we had an IBM hard-drive of about that era keeping a door open, if memory serves it had a 600mb capacity and cost somewhere around £100,000 when new.

  Diemmess 09:36 15 Oct 2007

....Was a Tandy TRSDOS elephant which I guess was about 15" X 18" X 5", weighed in the region of 20Kg and was bought new (but obsolescent) for £2900.
It's capacity was 4Mb, had to be switched on one minute before the computer to avoid possible data corruption.

Only 3 years later I bought an IBM PC clone complete with internal 20Mb HD for far less.

  Earthsea 16:52 15 Oct 2007

The first 'home' computer, Altair 8800, didn't even have a storage device when it first came out (1974). You had to enter everything in machine code via an array of switches on the front, and as soon as you unplugged it you lost everything.

Mind you, all it could do was make lights blink so no great loss I suppose (although the radio signals could play a tune on a radio if it was tuned in to the same frequency).

  mrwoowoo 17:41 15 Oct 2007

My first pc was in 1999,which had a 20gb hard drive,16mb graphics card and 64mb of ram.
Hey,i'm a newbie.(O:!

  DieSse 18:11 15 Oct 2007

The first system I worked on (not the actual one!)
click here

The picture doesn't actually show the paper tape reader - which was full of valve amplifiers.

No disks then! RAM was core and we could have up to 4KB - it was 48bits per word though, so equivalent to 24KB in todays terms.

The first one I worked on at Equity&Law insurance only had 3KB!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:20 15 Oct 2007

just what was inside those huge tape storege device cabinets. For no very good reason I always thought they were merely a fancier version of an ordinary reel to reel player, but with some form of stepping motor.

I'm smiling as I type this because I have a mental image of woody allen trying to thread the tape machine in the movie Sleeper.


  TopCat® 23:13 15 Oct 2007

At first glance I thought it was a new multi-disc, water cooled truck brake! :o) TC.

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