One in five Britons

  oresome 17:10 30 Jan 2009

One in five Britons would be happy to lend a desperate neighbour £1,000 to prevent them being repossessed according to a poll

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What do you think? It's easy to say yes in a poll, but would the money actually materialise? And a £1000 doesn't go far, so what happens next month. Do you lend then another £1000?

What does it do for neighbourly relations when they don't pay it back as promised?

All seems a little fraught to me.

  tullie 17:15 30 Jan 2009

Im not one of the five.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 30 Jan 2009

They are being repossessed because they have no money, so repayment of the £1000 loan would be tricky. Knowing human nature, I would not entertain it.


  Bingalau 17:37 30 Jan 2009

I wonder how many would give the money instead of lending it. Maybe 1 in a 1,000 ?

  MAT ALAN 17:39 30 Jan 2009

SO!!! the person posting after me is going to lend someone the money.. Think not...

  Quickbeam 17:59 30 Jan 2009


  Mike D 18:00 30 Jan 2009

I might GIVE the money to my neighbours if they would just go and close the door after them.

  dagnammit 18:13 30 Jan 2009

I'd love to see my neighbours leave, I'd pay more than a grand for the privilege of it too.

  oresome 18:19 30 Jan 2009

The poll didn't make clear what the 4 in 5 who wouldn't loan the money would do.

It seems from your responses they'd willingly GIVE the £1000 just to get rid of their neighbours!!!

And you seem such a friendly bunch.

  The Brigadier 18:24 30 Jan 2009

If our local neighbour went bust we would pee ourselves. He owns most of the land around the farm, must be over 1,000 hectares!

Lovely bloke & we do get on with him.
Will post him this to have a laugh at.
Funny how he always has to leave the pub when it's his round!!!

  canarieslover 20:28 30 Jan 2009

Think of the money he has saved by not getting his round in. That's why he won't need you to loan him £1000.

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