One extreme to the other? ..!!!!

  barca1 09:47 01 May 2008

NOW the banks are saying things "Aint to bad" who do you belive & why..?

I personaly belive things are REALLY bad..

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  Quickbeam 12:30 01 May 2008

everythings gone up in region of 15/20% or more. To me that makes things as bad as I can remember in decades.

You don't need an economics degree so see we're in a slump... Basic arithmetic is all that's required to show I have less disposable cash per week than six months ago!

  Forum Editor 19:52 01 May 2008

everythings gone up in region of 15/20% or more."

That's a classic example of a sweeping (and totally incorrect statement) if ever I saw one. The fact that you may have less disposable income than you had six months ago certainly isn't any indication at all that "we're in a slump", and if you think about it for a few seconds you'll realise it.

It may be an indication of rising prices, but that's a different thing.

  Bingalau 20:05 01 May 2008

I've never known prices to go any other way but up, so things are quite normal really?

  barca1 21:08 01 May 2008

Scarey future eh

  peter99co 21:50 01 May 2008

I was told 20+ years ago that we in the West should not worry about the Russians and watch the Chinese instead.

As they begin to emerge from poverty they will begin to use up resources and I think this is really the cause of a lot of increases.

Or am I mistaken?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:39 01 May 2008

they've just unloaded £50 billion of mortgage 'securities' onto the UK taxpayer in exchange for guaranteed Government bonds, observers are expecting the final transaction to exceed £100 billion. We are now taking the risk.

  Quickbeam 01:09 02 May 2008

"It may be an indication of rising prices, but that's a different thing." Is it...?

Rising prices, equals less to spend, equals slow down on spending, equals reduction in manufactured goods, equals less employment, equals even less to spend, equals start of a vicious merry-go-round of cut backs, equals loss of government revenue, equals increased government borrowing, equals we pay even more, equals even less in pocket, equals economic slump/recession/or full scale depression...

Wot did Gordon say 10 years ago, "no more boom and bust ecomomies"?... Well he's banished the 'boom' and preserved the 'BUST'!

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