One for Brumas

  octal 03:57 04 Oct 2010

Do you remember this thread from earlier this year about the ship that had run aground? click here

You have removed the picture, but I had a reply from one of my navel mates, this is the text he sent me:

"Well it took awhile and quite a few people and internet forums were involved in the search but it finally looks like we might have this puzzle solved! This is the message I got from a fellow member on click here (translated by me):

I think I've solved it, with help from my colleagues on, who in turn passed it on to other experts (I even have therefore contributed virtually nothing). It is a French -aviso drageur of Chevreuilclass, namely the Commander-Amiot d'Inville (beautiful language, French) which served under the pennant number A 53 in the Marine Nationale. Here's a picture of her bridge:
click here
On the following link you'll find more information and a disguised reference to the incident on the photo that started it all. Due to a faulty rudder she ran aground in the Suez Canal in 1948. This is what it looks like on your picture; the wooden scaffolding itself will never have been able to stop all the weight, she probably dug her bow in the embankment.
click here

The incident description on the site is brief: "La traversée s'est passée sans trop de problèmes, si ce n'est un échouage sans dommage dans le canal de Suez, dû à une avarie de barre." which translates as "The crossing [from France to Saigon, Vietnam, PA5UL] took place without too many problems, except a grounding without damage in the Suez Canal, due to a damaged rudder."

Paul just to satisfy our curiosity: where did you find this picture and what caused you to initially ask your question? I'd like to post your answer on to finish the thread there."

If you have any more information I can give you Paul's email address, I won't post here for obvious reasons.

  octal 04:01 04 Oct 2010

By way, it's not really 04:00 Hrs here, I'm posting this from Florida and a very pleasant evening it is to.

  wiz-king 05:25 04 Oct 2010

Parking by the French method extends to the navy!

  Brumas 09:21 04 Oct 2010

I am astounded and so very impressed with your result and if Tenacity was an Olympic event you would win a gold!!

Unfortunately Fran had a mini-clearout a while back and donated a few,this one included, to the local charity shop :o{

Anyway, I think you deserve a 'Very Well Done' - the first ever awarded :o}}

  Bingalau 09:25 04 Oct 2010

Brumas, That came out of the blue didn't it? I'm still wondering about the young "bits of stuff in mini skirts" though. I bet I've left myself open to some anti-bootneck remarks there too?

  Quickbeam 09:33 04 Oct 2010

I'm surprised that you don't keep an archive file of all your scanned pictures.

  Woolwell 10:20 04 Oct 2010

Fascinating and well done to Octal. I have a downloaded copy of the original post.

  Brumas 10:29 04 Oct 2010

I'm not that organised!!

  octal 13:25 04 Oct 2010

That is a pity you still haven't got the picture, I suspect historically it's quite a rare picture, is there any chance that the picture can be retrieved?

Thank you for the roses, but I can't take the whole credit, that must go to the guys on and for all their work.

I will pass your thanks onto Paul Joosten, callsign PA5UL.

  Woolwell 14:19 04 Oct 2010

This is the picture [IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Brumas 15:11 04 Oct 2010

In future I shall look more closely at the contents of the charity shop bag, having said that I can only hope someone as interested as us lot, will derive as much pleasure out of it!
Please do pass on my regards to your pals and a special 'heel goed gedaan' ;o}

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