One for all the Euro-sceptics perhaps.

  Cymro. 11:27 03 Jul 2010

William Hague has said the UK must have more "global reach and influence" or face decline in a fast-changing world.
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I am not too sure if Hague is just harking back to the so called good old days of Land Of Hope And Glory or not. Hague and his party are suppose to be the most Euro-sceptic of all the major parties and yet here he is trying to get us more involved with the EU.

As for myself I am all for it, as I have said before on this forum the sooner we learn to forget our prejudges and xenophobia the better. There is certainly no future for us outside the EU that's for certain.
Whats wrong with a straight banana anyway?

  zzzz999 11:31 03 Jul 2010

about blooming time, a modern britain with modern attitudes, not some empire yearning parody

  spuds 12:10 03 Jul 2010

"Whats wrong with a straight banana anyway".

Nothing at all, but wasn't it the 'experts' of the EU who have stated that banana's should be of precise specifications. Perhaps very similar to our fish sizes, quotas etc. Any variance to the specifications, then just throw it away. Some great thinking there!.

For the rest of it, I do believe that William Hague was boasting to the media, "that he now does great world-wide deals by text".

  spuds 19:06 03 Jul 2010

I don't see Class 1 or Class 2 on supermarket 'Value' packs. But I have noticed your "whatever" as a possible disclaimer!.

When the fishing industry as to throw fresh caught fish away, that usually dies before being returned to the seas, then that in itself can be an eco-disaster, unless you want to state that the eco-system benefits from this practice. Even the fishing fleets that do have increased catches, are heavily fined because they misjudged their quotas and individual catches. Return to port with no fish, then subsidies are out of the question. Tell that to an olive grove farmer with barren soil!.

Then we have organics, and the specifications around that. Even some of 'the experts' are now in confusion about that.

  LastChip 21:51 03 Jul 2010

Well, I'll tell you what, you lot move to Europe and I'll stay here and be glad to see the back of it!

Uncontrolled bureaucratic nightmare springs to mind and judging from recent reports, corrupt as well.

  rdave13 22:00 03 Jul 2010

For some reason I don't like or trust William Hague. Don't know if it's his lazy drawl of speech, or his smiling, confident, features of his face.
Reminds me of a venomous snake.

  Bapou 22:18 03 Jul 2010

"For some reason I don't like or trust William Hague. Don't know if it's his lazy drawl of speech, or his smiling, confident, features of his face."

May be but he does have a great sense of humour!
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  Þ² 22:23 03 Jul 2010

look harder it always states the class.

  rdave13 22:39 03 Jul 2010

A sense of humour to a colluding audience perhaps.

  Grey Goo 23:09 03 Jul 2010

The EU is one big Rat Pack of Champaign Socialists. Many of the members have a long history of defaulting on their sovereign debts.
Unfortunately it would cause such monetary chaos for any member to try and leave the Euro that they are now stuck with it.

  Forum Editor 23:31 03 Jul 2010

Champagne socialists are presumably just the same as brown ale socialists, except with better taste?

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