Olympics opening ceromony

  smartpoly 13:07 08 Aug 2008

It don't matter if you are anti or pro olympics that drum scene was fantastic,anyone else watching?

  charmingman 13:26 08 Aug 2008

Yeah im just watching it its AMAZING!!!! ive never seen anything like it!!!

  Bingalau 13:35 08 Aug 2008

I'm also watching it and the thing that strikes me most is that if we think we can compete with this sort of opening ceremony in London in four years time we are deluding ourselves. Simply put the cost would be outrageous.

  Forum Editor 13:36 08 Aug 2008

There are those of us who are working, and can't watch the transmission. Like me other people may be recording the ceremony, and will watch it later - it would be great to have a few surprises.

  Bingalau 13:41 08 Aug 2008

Hit the wrong key again, I was going to say that The opening ceremony at the London Olympics should be scaled down to just that. A few speeches perhaps, or maybe only one. Make it short and sweet. This one in China has been too long already. Spectacular yes, but far too long. If London started to use a less costly and glamorous type of opening ceremony, who knows the countries following them might be encouraged to do likewise, instead of what has been happening for years of each succeeding country trying to outshine the last one. Ridiculous.

  jakimo 13:49 08 Aug 2008

There may be just enough left in the budget for the London Olympic games to have some Morris Dancing for the opening ceremony

  rawprawn 14:06 08 Aug 2008

Spectacular, the best ever!

  Pineman100 16:12 08 Aug 2008

What took my breath away was the olympic rings in lights. It looked as though a whole lot of luminous dust had gathered together to form the rings, which then listed into the air.

The whole pageant was breathtaking!

My vote for the opening of the London Olympics: a speech by Jade Goody, introduced by Ant and Dec.

  Jim Thing 16:27 08 Aug 2008

Bingalau is absolutely right. There's no way we could come anywhere near matching that astounding pageant and it would be pointless to try.

I vote for Pineman100s proposal.

  Quickbeam 16:46 08 Aug 2008

I'm with Bingalau. Too Busby Berkeley crossed with pantomime... Let's just get on with the games.

  Sparkly 17:15 08 Aug 2008

Fantasticly breathtaking! i dont agree with their human rights but that was a show to end all shows!!!
How the hell will we compete with that in 2012??
Well done China.

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