Olympics in one place?

  Ex plorer 13:47 23 Aug 2008

Talking to my father this morning and he commented on the cost etc of the Olympics and commented on the following,
The Olympics started in Athens so why not keep it there or some other agreed country, and all countries competing give money to the up keep and renewal of the stadiums Pools hotels etc, for each coming event, also they could be used any time for neutral games etc.

  peter99co 13:52 23 Aug 2008

It is not the games it's the spin-offs from staging the games.

  spuds 14:27 23 Aug 2008

I note that Boris is talking about the forthcoming 'London Games', and the less than 9 billion thats going to cost. Apparently its going to be great value for the capital city of the UK!.

Regarding keeping the Olympics in one location wouldn't really work. Massive subsidies and sponsorships are at stake, so in an international commercial and sports world, everyone would like a bite of the cake ;o)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:28 23 Aug 2008

The stadia used for the Athens games are now mainly mothballed and falling apart; I quote 'Many of the venues built for the 2004 Games in the Greek capital now stand locked, deserted, covered in graffiti, and inaccessible to the public' click here of things to come.
Using Athens every year would have been a good idea and would stop the huge monetary feeding extravaganza. It would have reduced costs immensely and the weather is kind of guaranteed but why take the logical, easy way when you can spend shed loads for 17 days viewing /sigh


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:29 23 Aug 2008

ps the 'click here' should be click here with 'signs' after it.


  jack 15:37 23 Aug 2008

It is logical Common sense.

No Government can stand accused of having that.

  ulrich 20:29 23 Aug 2008

Boris rightly says we have £9.3billion to spend.
Mr Olympics says we have to provide the same facilities as China did. We do have rather a lot of people in prison, they shouldn't cost as much as our normal British workers, health and safety can be thrown out, Olympic Freeways absloutely no problem just widen the present roads. The underground is no problem so long as they don't breakdown as often as they do at present. I hope anyone who has been paid compensation for losing their homes or business will have the decency to give this money back as the Chinese didn't have any choice.

  wiz-king 20:53 23 Aug 2008

Is it too late to change our mind and ask somewhere like Outer Mongolia or Peru to do the necessary?

  ulrich 21:21 23 Aug 2008


  peter99co 21:51 23 Aug 2008

I can see the wheels coming off already. Hope I am wrong!

  Jak_1 22:12 23 Aug 2008

If London can be as succesful with the Olympics as Manchester was with the Comonwealth Games then all should be well. Manchester has been left enhanced with the legacy of the Comonwealth Games with all venues in the City being used for the respective sports with the exception of the main stadium. That is now the home of Manchester City Football Club but the warmup track has been into an international standard Athletics arena.
What London needs to be able to do is to make sure all venues are put to good use post games, if that can be done then the legacy is achieved.

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