Olympics Logo

  ulrich 19:15 04 Jun 2007

Oh boy, another one of Great Britains mess ups.

Only four hundred thousand ponds to design it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:24 04 Jun 2007

'It symbolises the Olympic spirit and the ability of the Games to inspire people to take part - not just as spectators, but as volunteers, in the Cultural Olympiad and more'...yeah cobblers I say. It inspires me to start crazy paving next week. The logo is deeply unimpressive and has no visible connection to a) London, b) the UK, c) the ruddy games and d) real life.

'"It will define the venues we build and the Games we hold and act as a reminder of our promise to use the Olympic spirit to inspire everyone and reach out to young people around the world'...lot of bulls' excrement floating around today. I have a nagging worry that this is the beginning of another expensive disaster :-((

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  Forum Editor 19:31 04 Jun 2007

wants the branding to appeal to young people"

Does he indeed?

Words fail me. The logo is a disgrace, both to London and the Olympics, and Lord Coe's obsession with appealing to 'young people' is an equal disgrace. People of all ages are paying for the Olympics, and people of all ages will make up the crowds that watch the games, both in the venues and on TV.

Lord Coe might have done better had he stuck to athletics, and let someone else handle the organisation of the London Olympics. I am filled with a sense of dread that, as the big day looms Lord Coe is going to be caught in the hideous glare of the spotlight with his organisational trousers well and truly around his ankles.

We have some of the finest graphic artists and visualisers on the planet working in this country, and all we can come up with is this dreadful excuse for a logo that's "based on the date 2012".

As my Welsh grandmother might have said "There's original, isn't it"

  Si_l 19:32 04 Jun 2007

That logo sucks! How could they possibly spend that much money on it?! Just pay some kid with a crayon and an imagination, and they would have a better logo.

I can't help but think this will be the first of many disappointments to follow in UK's 'attempt' to stage the Olympics.

  ulrich 19:33 04 Jun 2007

Gandalf<|:)> I feel this should have been given to some children to design and the money given to their school. All the people who are involved in the Olympics are lining their pockets with our money and are laughing their heads off.

  anskyber 19:46 04 Jun 2007

Unimaginably poor.

  Forum Editor 19:46 04 Jun 2007

I expect to see Lord Coe, plus the obligatory clutch of sporting stars proudly showing us an olympic mascot.

No doubt based on a Beefeater, but in a quirky kind of way, designed to appeal to young people.

Then, as time goes on there'll be an olympic song.

Can't wait.

  Si_l 19:48 04 Jun 2007

You know there is going to be an Olympic song! And you just know it will be Christmas #1!!

  octal 19:58 04 Jun 2007

I'm gonna pull my funding of the Lottery :-)

  Forum Editor 20:00 04 Jun 2007

Can't wait.

Now, where's that airline flight schedule?

  Si_l 20:15 04 Jun 2007

FE is right: if you live in London, let your house for a month or so, and go on holiday!

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