Olympic Knighthoods

  DrScott 23:30 16 Aug 2008

Dame Kelly Holmes was honoured after winning two golds in 2004.

Are we to assume our other double olympic gold medal winners will be similarly honoured?

Or will the Labour publicity machine overlook this rather silly precedent...?

  crosstrainer 23:59 16 Aug 2008

I think that Miss Addlington (who only went to the games to gain experience) Has done a fantastic job for team GB.

I really don't think that making her a "Dame" at 19 is a good idea, Kelly Holmes was a lot older, and worldly wise. Young Rebbecca whilst grounded, stable and a delightful young woman, is going to have the shock of her life when she returns to Great Britain, and finds that the new shoes she likes, are presented by the owner of the company.

She needs time to take it all in, and decide what SHE wants to do, not what other's with commercial interests in mind may try to entice her with.

If there must be a title (and I suppose there will be) then may I suggest Chris Hoy?

Miss Addlington will have a pool and leisure center named in her honour, and from her television interview, she just wants to go back home and live with her family again.

Let's let her do that.

  anskyber 07:22 17 Aug 2008

Bradley Wiggins can be added to the list.

  DrScott 09:15 17 Aug 2008

Making a Dame out of Kelly Holmes was ridiculous.

  anskyber 09:25 17 Aug 2008

All honours, for me are a nonsense. They are particularly so if they are the reserve for the traditional "meritocracies"

If it's OK to honour a book writer or a civil servant then why not Kelly H.

  Quickbeam 09:37 17 Aug 2008

But they're best reserved for awarding at the end of an illustrious career like with the civil servants... incase they make an embarrassing mistake.

  Forum Editor 00:45 18 Aug 2008

Making Kelly Holmes a Dame was one of the government's dafter decisions. Quickbeam has it right - honours should be awarded to sportspeople at the end of a career of achievement, not to someone who only became a full-time athlete seven years before retirement.

  DrScott 01:31 18 Aug 2008

had Kelly Holmes received an OBE or similar, then it would have made more sense. But to make her a Dame? Not exactly a lifetime's worth of service to the Commonwealth was it?

It makes the government look pretty silly when it's now faced with at least two double medal winners too...

  €dstowe 06:32 18 Aug 2008

Let it not be forgotten that Edna Everidge was made a dame. If that isn't an indicator of the anachronism of the whole of the honours system, nothing is.

I wonder which the medal recipients treasure more - the one from the event which produced the achievement or the one from The Queen (or her substitute).

  newman35 06:43 18 Aug 2008

'Dame' Edna Everidge is surely a ficticious, comedy creation and is actually a man!!
As a famous tennis player has it - "You cannot be serious".

  €dstowe 07:53 18 Aug 2008

Exactly! Shows what a farce the whole thing is.

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