Olympic fakery

  Pineman100 16:19 11 Aug 2008

Anyone who watched the opening ceremony can't fail to remember the 31 giant firework footprints that marched up the long straight boulevard to the Olympic Arena. It was a breathtaking display.

Now, it seems it was faked for the TV audience. Some fireworks were let off, but the organisers didn't think they could be effectively captured by an airborne camera, so they slipped in a bit of CGI film at the appropriate moment.

This, of course, gives rise the question: are the Olympics happening at all? Is it *all* just CGI? Maybe it's not happening in Beijing at all, but in the same old warehouse where the American moon-landings were filmed.

  €dstowe 16:45 11 Aug 2008

The over-saturated, garish colours and the scrappy picture quality of the few bits I've seen suggest a strong Disney influence.

OK, the transmissions are coming from the other side of the world but Channel 4 News have regular broadcasts from China almost always in naturalistic colouring.

  dagbladet 17:07 11 Aug 2008

Similarly in 1992 when the disabled Spanish archer famously lit the flame by firing his flaming arrow 'through' the emanating gas. However, it was deemed too dangerous to light the flame with the arrow falling into the cauldron as in tests it had repeatedly bounced out and onto the empty spectator seats, so a pyro technician lit the flame as the arrow passed high over the torch.

  Forum Editor 17:41 11 Aug 2008

if there was a bit of fakery - it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the opening ceremony. Who cares if there was some CGI involved? This is the 21st century for goodness sake, life's too short to be worrying about such trivia.

  Pineman100 17:49 11 Aug 2008

You're a bit tetchy this afternoon, FE. ;o)

I wasn't the slightest bit worried by this - I just thought it was an interesting fact upon which to build some musings about what we can and can't believe, these days.

And I quite agree about the whole opening pageant. It was wonderful.

  rickf 17:55 11 Aug 2008

It was wonderful. Give credit where its due and stop trying to knock it.A bit of envy here I suspect!!

  Forum Editor 18:34 11 Aug 2008

I don't know the meaning of the word. Nothing makes me tetchy, nothing whatever........except maybe TV presenters who insist on talking all the time, when often a few moments silence would be golden.

Then there are those people who say 'are you sure?' when you say that you wouldn't like another helping of whatever.

And of course the guy behind the counter of a West End musical instrument shop who says 'Hi man, what can I do you for?' whenever I go in.

Hand me that shotgun please, and stop saying I'm tetchy.

  Pineman100 19:04 11 Aug 2008

What about the (roughly) 17-year-old checkout lad in the supermarket who, having processed my purchases, said, "Cheers mate!"

I'm 65.

  Coffee Adict 19:15 11 Aug 2008

I wish somebody had CGI'd that boring tennis doubles match I watched this afternoon. Even the commentators sounded bored.

  laurie53 19:47 11 Aug 2008

I knew there was a reason I wasn't watching these darned Olympics.

I've never been into computer games!

  Bingalau 19:56 11 Aug 2008


That's better than him muttering under his breath. "Silly old B" which happened to me once. Needless to say I put him in his place promptly in front of the rest of the shop customers and his employers. Before Brumas says it, he was probably right, because my mum and dad were not married.

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