Olympic Act 2006

  wids001 11:17 26 Aug 2010

Am I reading this correct ...

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This act makes it illegal to combine the words, games, summer, gold, London, medals and 2012 in any form of advertising or marketing.

Plus, it also gives not only the police but also Olympic Officials the power of entry to private residencies to remove unauthorised advertising including advertising of a non-commercial nature!

Enter an olympic venue in 2012 wearng a Pepsi Tee-shirt, or Burger King hat at your peril - you could be arrested!!!!

  spuds 16:47 26 Aug 2010

Its all becoming ridiculous, even everyday dictionary words are now becoming copyright, or so it would appear.

I still smile when I see the 'failed banks' heavyweight sponsorships, that are still very much in evidence :O(

By the time the 2012 games are over, and everyone as gone home, we will be counting the costs of success!.

  jakimo 17:24 26 Aug 2010

Are we, like at the Canadian Olympics going to have our bags searched and have bottles of Pepsi and bags of walkers crisps, taken off us because they are not 'sponsors' products.

  Forum Editor 17:49 26 Aug 2010

" ...even everyday dictionary words are now becoming copyright..."

No, they're not, you can't copyright a word.

It's illegal to use combinations of the words mentioned in any form of advertising or marketing material that hasn't been approved by the Olympic organisers. They've done this to stop every Tom,Dick and Harriet from jumping onto the Olympic advertising bandwagon, and to avoid confusion between what has been officially approved (and paid for) and what hasn't.

  Forum Editor 17:52 26 Aug 2010

You might well have your bag searched,in fact I would be very worried if you didn't. The search would be to make sure you didn't have something a little more worrying than a bottle of non-approved beverage in the bag.

  interzone55 13:32 27 Aug 2010

Look at the recent World Cup when a Dutch brewer dressed dozens of pretty girls in orange t-shirts knowing the cameras would straight at them. even worse was the fact that the brewer bought the tickets off one of ITV's commentators from his family & friend allocation

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There's always companies who will try to piggy back on an event for promotional purposes but who are not willing to pay for the branding rights, this law is merely in place to stop it, and has been drafted in a way so as to block as many loopholes as possible

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