For the old'uns among us - Night cramps

  SparkyJack 11:06 07 May 2012

Do you get them? If so what medication do you take if any at all?

The reason I ask is that I was prescribed Quinine sulphate 300mg to take in the event of an episode[rather regularly]- I seem to to get an adverse reaction that is not borne out by the literature

So this is a mini survey among us.

This reaction seems to me like a 'Mini' malaria attack- with aches and pains and general malaise and sleeping next day.

So I am simply collecting info here to present to the GP when next I totter into his presence

  Toneman 11:31 07 May 2012

Do you mean leg muscle cramps, don't we all get them? I just get up and stand or walk a bit so the spasm passes off after a while...

  Bingalau 11:45 07 May 2012

Likewise, I wave my leg about in the air for a few minutes and if that doesn't help I walk about for a few minutes. (At the same time I usually raid the fridge for a snack and a cold drink). By the time I get back in bed I am o.k.

  Aitchbee 12:24 07 May 2012

I get leg cramps daily, especially when I'm on PCA, when really I should be sortin' my housework out...the physical excercise of cleaning up, although daunting to some people, might be a good way to keep your leg joints strong.

  TopCat® 15:00 07 May 2012

About three months ago I awoke, swung my legs out of bed to start getting dressed and was hit by extremely painful cramp in the left calf muscle. The pain was excruciating and only after some vigorous massaging did it start to subside. Then I felt pain begin in my right calf but managed to suppress it by further massaging.

Read on the internet that the quinine in some drinks was a good treatment so started to take that. Unfortunately my morning cramps worsened and spread to my fingers and toes, so a visit to my doctor resulted in him subscribing Quinine Bisulphate 300mg tablets with one to be taken daily.

For me those tablets are certainly working and I've not had any more painful occurences. That is not to say that the cramps have totally gone away, as I can faintly feel their underlying existence, usually on waking each day. It looks like I'll have to continue with the quinine tabs for some time yet, possibly for life, but that I can live with, as the actual full-blown pain of cramps each day would be unbearable.

On a lighter note, my system's blood supply should now be totally 'mozzy-proof.' So much so, that on holiday in their domain, the little blighters should fall dead at my feet! :))

I do continue to do upper and lower stretching exercises most mornings that certainly seem to help me. TC.

  Ventad 15:28 07 May 2012

Never had any bother with cramps at all then about a year or two ago I used to get them that was up until about 4months ago, used to have to jump out of bed double quick because of the pain. Talking to the other half about it she said its because you are not taking in enough salt!! I upped my salt intake by putting salt in porridge and on chips etc and waller! No more cramps. It appears all this "salt is a danger to you " can go too far the body needs salt .

Thought I was getting enough from different foods but when you look on the labels now either no salt or just traces.

  tonyq 15:36 07 May 2012

SparkyJack I believe the drink "Tonic Water" contains Quinine. Maybe better trying this rather than tablets. It may be even better with a Gin in.LOL

  Ventad 15:38 07 May 2012

Forgot to say that we stopped putting salt in the boiling vegtables because of young grandchildren eating with us and we got used to a no salt veg, although my wife carried on putting salt on her plated meal. And yes I am an old'un too.

  ams4127 16:07 07 May 2012

I've started taking more salt as others here are doing. It seems to work.

On the odd occasion when I do get cramp in my legs, I find that stretching my leg out and bending the foot upwards and outwards really hard for a couple of minutes stops the cramp immediately.

  Nontek 16:45 07 May 2012

I am prescribed Quinine Sulphate 300mg also, I have to take one daily, in the evenings before bed. If I miss a dose I suffer extreme pain in both legs - though I also have to take 10 other types of medication on a daily basis!

  Quickbeam 16:59 07 May 2012

"the quinine in some drinks was a good treatment so started to take that"... and the gin helps get you back to sleep:)

"Wake the missus and tell her..." I think that fixing your own G&T would be safer.

I never thought anything of getting the cramps in bed, I just relax with deep breaths and a painful cramp will soon go, but the G&T cure might be tried more often now I know that quinine is the cure!

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