'Oldies' cropping up with seemingly nil input

  jack 08:40 05 Oct 2010

I have noticed of late what appear to very old posts coming to the fore with the latest response being somewhat vague.
Is there something sinister afoot here?
Or am I being a little paranoid?
An example
click here

  birdface 08:50 05 Oct 2010

Usually they are reopened by someone posting spam.
The FE then removes the spam message but others comment because the do not notice the date the thread was opened.
Hence the oldies.

  onthelimit 08:54 05 Oct 2010

buteman - i know what you mean, but jack's example is an odd one as it doesn't seem to be spam.

  Monoux 08:58 05 Oct 2010

I think by rsturbo posting "log" will have put that thread in his "my postings" this would help finding it again at a later date, perhaps because he/ she was interested in the info it contained

  interzone55 08:58 05 Oct 2010

It's probably people searching google for the answer to a problem. PCA pops up near the top so they add to the thread.

But Jack's link does have me puzzled. All I can think there is rsturbo has marked the thread for later reference...

  Covergirl 13:15 05 Oct 2010

For example click here turned up in My Postings with a date stamp of 25/09/[email protected]:40, but the last post in there is 28/08/[email protected]:30 and
click here turns up in My Postings with a date stamp of 13/09/[email protected]:51 but the last posting is 30/10/[email protected]:15.

I presume these might be the spam type, but surely the time/date should be cleared? I can only assume they must be registered on a database.

  jakimo 13:32 05 Oct 2010

Ive been guilty of this when I have not looked at the date the thread was first posted

  jack 14:10 05 Oct 2010

Me too.
But who made the search to post the post that you posted to- Know wot I mean mate? ;-}

  justme 23:16 05 Oct 2010

Would it not be possible to bar any further additions to a thread if it was (say) more than 3 months since the last posting.

This would mean that a new thread would have to be started if someone wanted to discuss whatever was in the old thread, but still leave a reasonable time for a meaningful addition to the old thread.

  Forum Editor 23:38 05 Oct 2010

We're looking at various options on that at the moment.

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